Becki Newton floral blouse on Goodwin Games

blouseGoodwin Games floral blouse

Becki Newton (chloe) floral blouse on Goodwin Games


I’m not a network executive (obviously) but if I were, and I had a show like the Goodwin Games, where the only person who was watching was me (Dana, not me the Network Executive) I probably wouldn’t put it on Monday nights against the Bachelorette which it was destined to lose its one and only viewer.

But, then again, if I were a network executive which I’m not (obviously) I might not care.

Because I’d probably be watching the Bachelorette, too.

(Me the Network Executive. And me, the Dana.)

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One thought on “Becki Newton floral blouse on Goodwin Games

  1. Elizabeth

    I’m still not 100% on this show, but am hoping it will get better. I loved this blouse, but it was sold out. I posted a similar, less expensive DKNYC floral blouse on my episode recap and now I think I like it better:

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