Jennifer Aniston Hamsa Necklace on Ellen

JEnnifer Aniston Ellen Hamsajennifer aniston hamsa necklace

Jennifer Aniston Diamond Hamsa Necklace

Jennifer Meyer

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What about the necklace she had on? – Rebecca, here

The hamsa, legend has it, will protect women from the evil eye.

Which is not a bad idea in Hollywood, where you never know who’s jockying to steal your title as America’s sweetheart, that next big role in a mediocre RomCom or even your husband.

Not to mention all the sideeye you’ll be getting for wearing a $4000 necklace.

Click here for the lace embroidered peasant blouse Jennifer Aniston wore on Ellen

Get the look:

Diamond Hamsa Necklace
Dana Rebecca Designs

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One thought on “Jennifer Aniston Hamsa Necklace on Ellen

  1. jackie

    what abut the other necklace – the long one with the ball pendant – who is the jeweler?

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