Lea Michele black and white dress on the View

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Lea Michele black and white dress

Obsessed with @msleamichele dress on #theview@Possessionista can you help a gleek out?? – Corree

I know.

I’ve been neglecting Glee fashion like Mr. Schuster neglects Emma Pillsbury. But never was it more evident than when my own mother – who never asks me for anything – emailed me to say that I needed to find Lea Michele’s black and white geometric dress from The View this morning.

And I realized I haven’t written about Lea (or her alter-ego Rachel Berry) since last semester.

Apologies to all my Gleeks, who’ve stayed loyal to me despite my somewhat fairweathered treatment of everyone’s favorite Glee club.
NMT63MJ_mxLea Michele’s geometric peplum dress

Alice + Olivia Monaco Dress

See it at Neiman Marcus



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