Carrie Diaries fashion: Carrie’s yellow flower sweater

Carrie Diaries style Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 8.02.38 PM

Carrie’s yellow beaded flower sweater

Darling Clothing

Hi Dana. Only once did you personally answer me–in the beginning. Now u r famous and waaaaay too busy:( Thanks for all your effort. now, I watch Carrie Diaries (so cute) and want to find those cute tops she wears with little doodads on them.. She wore several 2 weeks ago and last week. One seemed like sewn on pearls ..almost like Betsy Johnson type stuff added to the top. Can you find out? They look so fun. Thanks. Andrea

When it comes to Carrie Diaries fashion, I’m an even bigger slacker than Doritt. I’m several episodes behind on recapping Carrie Bradshaw’s Carrie Diaries style. The best I can hope for is that I get to watch the last few episodes before Carrie loses her virginity.

Or gets cancelled.

Both of which are entirely possible, I might add.

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