Stassi necklace from Vanderpump Rules

stassi necklace

Thank you for finding this!!! Can you ID her necklace she wore on the finale tonight at the last dinner at Sur? It had the giant crystals. I thought it might also be Amrita but I can’t find it on her sight. So amazing! Thanks again for this! – Christina

Show of hands: who was a little happy that it turned out Jax had cheated on Stassi?

I know that sounds terrible. I mean, the girl was heartbroken, and clearly there’s an STD panel in her immediate future.  But still. I felt a certain level of vindication seeing Vanderpump Rules’ resident mean girl finally get a taste of her own Kalteen bar.

In one fell swoop, Jax ended Stassi’s dream of driving off into the Sunset Strip in a souped up pickup truck when she learned the truth: That her really did get a Vegas stripper pregnant.

And also, that his name isn’t even Jax.

Vanderstumped, indeed.


Rich Rocks smoky stone necklace

Also seen on Gossip Girl




6 thoughts on “Stassi necklace from Vanderpump Rules

  1. Christina kovacs

    You are amazing at this, thank you so very much!

  2. RichRocks

    Thank you so much for finding our necklace and posting it! It’s $150.00 and available now directly at We will be posting the pictures shortly. We love your website and blog too! xoxo

    1. Christina kovacs

      Do you all have this necklace in any other color? It looks like Stassi’s is gold trimmed? Just curious!
      Beautiful necklace though I plan to buy ASAP!

  3. Mason

    Thank you! I have been obsessing over this necklace since I first saw it on Kyle on RHOBH. I must say, it’s pretty perfect. Thank you ma’am!

  4. Suzanne

    I am trying to figure out who her (Stassi) stackable rings are by that she wears frequently. It looks like one of them is a crown and they are all different. LOVE them and would really like to get some for myself. 🙂

  5. G

    Arden b…..sold out….

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