Stassi blue necklace from Vanderpump Rules

vanderpump rules necklaceLike boyfriends, when it comes to her jewelry, Stassi Schroeder’s not too keen on sharing.

So I hated to go all Laura-Leigh, trying to copy her Vanderpump style in tracking down her blue statement necklace from the pool scene on this week’s Vanderpump Rules. But finally, after hours of internet harrassment, she finally decided to be the bigger person and revealed the designer of that blue bib necklace.

So you can all stop kissing her ass on twitter. We know you just want to get into her jewelry box.

A lot of people do.

stassi necklace

Amrita Singh Crystal Shelter necklace

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  1. Thank you Dana! I’m so excited about this necklace it’s gorgeous :)

  2. For those of you that are mad that this necklace sold out so quickly & you didn’t get one…I went on Amrita Singh’s website, and she has sooo many amazing pieces! All of her necklaces are gorgeous, and there are a few that are similar to this one, but others that are just beautiful. They all have the same heavy feel and are just amazing. I found one I loved! Check it out! :)

  3. Dear Possessionista,
    Can you also ID the sunglasses that Katie was wearing in this same thing? They were a futuristic cat eye. They were so cute!
    Thank you!

  4. I love the large pink stone ring Laura-Leigh was wearing during the “break-up scene” on the last episode. Can you identify that as well?

    Much thanks.

  5. Can you identify the large pink stone ring Laura-Leigh was wearing in the “break-up scene” with Jax on the last episode?

    Much thanks.

  6. Where are the sunglasses from? x

  7. Where are the sunglasses from? x

  8. I second the sunglasses, where are they from?

  9. I really want to know what brand stassi’s handbag (beige – yellow) is from!

  10. Can you also identify the necklace she has on at the end of the new episode when taking to Jax? Thank you :) says:
  11. Christina kovacs says:

    Thank you for finding this!!! Can you ID her necklace she wore on the finale tonight at the last dinner at Sur? It had the giant crystals. I thought it might also be Amrita but I can’t find it on her sight. So amazing! Thanks again for this!

  12. SOMEONE PLEASE ID the necklace that Stassi wears with the five brownish drop stones. I have also seen Scheana wear it. Here is the picture. or

  13. Okay I found a better pic Please SOMEONE HELP ME FIND THIS NECKLACE

  14. Who makes stassi sunglasses? Would love to know thx

  15. Where did Stacci get her crown ring she wears all the time I Love it!

  16. where and who makes the female server dresses on vanderpump rules

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