Scandal Style: Olivia Pope pink shawl wrap coat

Olivia Pope Pink coat
photo c/o ABC

Scandal Fashion

“I love the Pink Overcoat / Trenchcoat Olivia Pope was waring on last night’s Scandal! Can you find it please? Thanks!” – Ronda

I should have known that when Olivia Pope wore this gorgeous pink shawl collar jacket again on last night’s Scandal, that you’d be clamoring for it. When it comes to outerwear – or frankly anywhere, Olivia Pope can do no wrong.

Unless she’s rigging the election.

The gorgeous Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope rocked this blush Ferragamo wrap coat once before. You may recall seeing it back in the season Premiere of Scandal when I wrote about it first. I even named it one of Fall’s best fashion moments for UsWeekly.

Sadly it’s still just as unavailable as Fitz.

So consider this your Edison of wrap jackets.

You’ll never love it as much as Fitz.

But at least it’ll keep you warm.

See what else Kerry Washington has worn on Scandal and more Olivia Pope style

oliviapope Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 3.16.55 PM

Left: Real blush shawl collar coat worn by Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on Scandal Ferragamo

Right: Steal: Calvin Klein via Bloomingdales

2 thoughts on “Scandal Style: Olivia Pope pink shawl wrap coat

  1. Jacqueline W.

    I love the pink overcoat on Olivia Pope on Scandal, but I would like to know more about the grey long cape coat that she wore in the last show!

  2. Ronda

    Thank you! I thought I remembered seeing it before. I wish it was still available.

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