Sarah Herron Bachelor Fashion interview: exclusive

sarah-herron-300When it comes to bachelorettes, there are few as memorable (in a good way. not talking to you, Tierra) as Sarah Herron. With her cute little dog, and cuter little wardrobe, Sarah’s bachelor fashion was arguably the best on her season. Ultimately Sean sent her home early, robbing her of finding true love – and us of getting to see one last, great rose ceremony dress. And while there’s no question this hilarious Los Angelean (seriously they never showed how cool and funny this girl is) will find love, the one question remained: what didn’t we get to see her wear before Sean sent her packing? Sarah finally spilled her fashion secrets exclusively to

Possessionista: How much of what you wore did you already own? How much shopping did you do?
SH: I think it’s fair to say I went out and purchased an entire new wardrobe! You want to feel fresh and confidant in your clothes and the way you present yourself, so I think it’s acceptable to splurge in this occasion. I did borrow several dresses from friends which was a a HUGE help. And as far as shoes went, I kept it basic and neutral because you rarely see our feet!

Possessionista: How many suitcases did you bring?
SH: I brought two extra large suitcases each weighting in at 75 lbs. and a garment suitcase which housed a solid 28 dresses.

Possessionista:What was your fashion strategy? Did you save your favorite dresses or did you wear them early?
SH: My fashion strategy was to wear all my favorite things first! There’s no guarantee you’ll be around for the next rose ceremony, so the best bet is to wear them when the feeling strikes you. I definitely had specific dresses designated for all the potential areas we could be traveling to. Darker, heavier fabrics for cold destinations and bright, flowy prints for warmer places.

sarah22-238x300Possessionista: What was your favorite Bachelor fashion moment?
SH: It’s so hard to choose! I was really really happy with all of my rose ceremony outfits! One minute I want to say that the hot pink Naven dress was my favorite, but then I remember the night I wore the long teal Blaque Label dress with the fishtail braid, and that becomes my favorite moment! I also really loved the pink and black ASOS dress I wore after the Roller Derby group date. I think By the way, fishtail credit goes to Robyn Howard, she was the household hairstylist!

Possessionista: Did you ever look back and wish you could do one of your outfits over?
SH: Not really! If there was an instance I’d say it was the beginning of the Montana group date. I loved my bright pink puffy vest, but it might not have been the most flattering on TV. Ya live and ya learn…

Possessionista: Besides you (obvi) who was best dressed?
SH: I think Catherine had some AWESOME casual moments that went unnoticed. The best was when she was just being her spunky-self. I remember slightly envying her at the beginning of our Montana group date for how cute she looked. Maybe it was because I was hating my vest so much. Hahaha. I appreciate her casual style because I feel that we probably have very similar closets at home.

Possessionista: Who needed the most help?
SH: No comment!

wenn5973797-2519393867631193278Possessionista: Did you ever share clothes with any of the other ladies? Who?
SH: Not really. Selma was very sharing from what I remember, but for the most part I don’t think we shared too many clothes. There was no need, everyone came very well prepared and some girls would even change outfits multiple times a day! Daniella comes to mind. Every time we’d see her she would be in a new outfit. I loved that about her.

Possessionista: What did you have in your suitcase that we never got to see?
SH: Tropical destination clothes 🙁 I LOVED Montana and Canada; there’s nothing better than a great peacoat and sweater… but I was bummed I never got to bust out my tropical dresses.

Possessionista: Who are your favorite Bachelorette fashionistas from seasons past?
SH: Casey Shteamer and Courtney Robertson are my favorite dressed from seasons past. They’re my L.A. ladies and know what’s up. I’m honestly a BIG fan of the denim on denim look! Also, undeniably Emily Maynard. She is so incredibly put together, even at the grocery store! She always looks flawlessly understated and classic and can go from glam to “girl next door” effortlessly. Can I BE her?!?

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9 thoughts on “Sarah Herron Bachelor Fashion interview: exclusive

  1. Jacey Tufts

    I loved Sarah’s style!! I would love to know what makeup she wears!! Her skin always looked flawless & her makeup was so spot on!

  2. Lauren

    loved Sarah. i really want to know who she thought was worse dressed…. lindsay definitely had some questionable dresses, aside from the wedding dress.


  3. Kari

    I love her. Most definitely the best dressed this season!

  4. Sarah

    I’m glad that she admitted she bought a whole new wardrobe for the show. When I saw Leslie say she already owned 85% of hers, I found that a liiiitttttle hard to believe.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree!!!

  5. Cerise

    Thanks, Possessionista! 🙂 I think we know who Sarah thought was the worst dressed. Although, I did like Tierra’s look where she was wearing a little fur capelet/vest over a dress.
    And neither Casey nor Courtney are from L.A. originally, and I think that their looks aren’t all that. Casey looks messy, imo. And the clothes wear Courtney instead of the other way around.

  6. kristen

    LOVE Sarah. She is gorgeous!

  7. Emily

    I loved Sarah’s bright pink puffy vest!

  8. Liah

    She’s funny?! That would be the last thing I’d guess to describe her. On the Bachelor she was portrayed as having no personality whatsoever.

    Sarah should give herself so more credit. She was one the cutest dressed contestants.

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