Keri Russell Fair Isle sweater on Jimmy Fallon

Keri Russell sweaterKeri Russell sweater

Proenza Schouler intarsia wool sweater

See it on sale at Net A Porter

I am looking for this awesome sweater that Keri Russell wore a few days ago on Jimmy Fallon! It’s so adorable and I can’t find it anywhere. Please let me know! Love your blog! – Lacey

As much as I love writing about the shows I do, I have to admit there’s a certain level of nostalgia for the shows that existed BP: Before Possessionista.

What if I’d started writing about TV fashion during the era of Friends, Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson’s Creek and Felicity? Can you imagine?

When I heard that Keri Russell was coming back to TV for the Americans (a show I’ve been meaning to cover, but damn, my TV just can’t take another show – please email me if you have specific Americans Fashion requests, though.) I was excited for the possibility of making amends with Felicity and her TV fashion.

But you can’t go home again, and Felicity’s all grown up and a long way from her flannel shirts and button downs she wore to win Ben Covington’s heart. (Show of hands: who here actually knows who Ben and Felicity are?)

On her recent stint on Jimmy Fallon, Russell wowed in this Proenza Schouler intarsia fair isle sweater. And for those of you who can’t stomach the idea of an $800 sweater (I can’t) here are some similarly inspired fair isle sweaters.

So you won’t have to miss a single payment on your college loans.

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Left to right

Land’s End: Lambswool Fair Isle Cardigan

Anthropologie: Plenty by Tracey Reese

JCrew fair isle wool blend sweater

LL Bean: Hand Knit Fair Isle Sweater


9 thoughts on “Keri Russell Fair Isle sweater on Jimmy Fallon

  1. Jenna

    my hand is waving

  2. Heidi

    My hand is waving loud and proud! It’s all on Netflix for those poor people that don’t know Felicity, Ben, and Noel.

  3. Alyssa

    I am dying to know where lea Michelle’s dress she wore to the wedding is from??

  4. courtney

    i still have a crush on Ben

  5. Katie

    I have notebooks from high school that say “mrs. covington” all over them. I re-watch episodes every so often, LOVE that show!!

  6. Tien

    I LOVE/D FELICITY!! Is it sad I still watch the dvd boxset and cringe at half the stuff she did in sophmore year?!

    Tien xo

  7. Tiffany Victoria

    This sweater reminds me of a chic ski weekend.

  8. Liah

    I don’t care for the sweater, but I had to let u know of course I’m familiar with the Ben/Felicity/Noel love triangle. I’m actually watching the boxed sets now!

  9. Brooke

    How about those leather pants? I want those please!

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