Hart of Dixie Fashion: Gambler style

zoe-hart-fashionJacket from Hart of Dixie

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) Hart of Dixie Style embroidered trench coat

Gryphon (seen on Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother)

See it at : Shopbop

Also seen last week

Between Lemon playing dress up with her little sister Magnolia, and Wade participating in a “battle of the bands,” last night’s Hart of Dixie was more than a little reminiscent of my high school days.

And in that vein (vain? I don’t understand the expression either way) I decided not to procrastinate on my Hart of Dixie fashion homework this week.

I’m hoping to get into AP TV Fashion by next year.

See what else Rachel Bilson as Zoe Hart wore on Hart of Dixie and clothes from Hart of Dixie

hart-of-dixie-fashion-styleHart of Dixie Fashion

Lemon’s beaded tank and jacket

Jacket: Joie (I’m trying to track this down; check back.)

Tank: Forever 21

hart-of-dixie-fashionFashion of Hart of DixieHArt of dixie style

Zoe Hart style Hart of Dixie fashion

Zoe’s contrast sleeveless top and pleated skirt

Top: Morgan Carver

Skirt: ALC


Lemon’s heart blouse



Zoe’s colorblock top

Jonathan Simkhai (different colorway, same designer)

See it at Barneys

12 thoughts on “Hart of Dixie Fashion: Gambler style

  1. Karissa

    Love the Timeless Trench on Zoe! I think she definitely wears it better than Sage did on Gossip Girl!

  2. Anna

    Do you know where Lemon’s purple dress at the end of the episode was from??

  3. keri

    Hi! Do you know where Zoes blazer is from? It had a damask pattern on it.

  4. Lucy

    Do you know the designer of Zoe’s silver earrings she wore with the Giles and Brother Necklace and damask blazer? I believe the damask pattern blazer is from Maje.

    1. Dana Weiss

      The blazer is Maje. Not sure about the earrings.

      1. Lucy

        Do you think they are Me&Ro? They seem to dangle lower than the large lotus earrings by Me&Ro. Do you think you’ll be able to find out? Or long shot?

        1. Dana Weiss

          i just emailed the costume designer and will let you know!

          1. Lucy D.

            Did costume designer get back to you? Just eager to find out..thanks 🙂

          2. Dana Weiss

            Yes! They’re by Robindira Unsworth
            Sorry. I’ve been meaning to post. But then I got distracted by cheetoes!

          3. Lucy D.

            Thanks! Did she mention the style name? The earrings look like silver but Robindira only carries earrings with stones on her site.

  5. Andy

    Hi! Do you know where Magnolia’s necklace from the last half of the episode is from? Also “ditto” on Anna’s question about Lemon’s purple dress. And thank you! 🙂

    1. Andy

      ^ Sorry that smiley face turned out much scarier than I was aiming for.

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