Emily Maynard love stoned tank

love stoned emily maynard

Emily Maynard love stoned tank photo via Emily Maynard’s instagram

@Possessionista where did Emily get this tank?! Love it! Via Twitter

I always laugh when I get these requests (and they come in by the dozen.) Not because I don’t think Emily Maynard has adorable style (I do) but because I can barely see this tank enough to know if I love it or not.

The truth is, the best part of this picture isn’t the tank, but that Emily herself  always looks so adorable you never know if her cute graphic tee is Wildfox or Forever21.

FYI. It’s the latter.

Emily Maynard style

Forever 21 longhorn cropped tank

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  1. Emily could wear a potato sack and people would ask you where she got it.. I’m guilty too tho! I love her, she’s fabulous!

  2. Emily’s wildfox eiffel tour rose top is on sale on ebay. here is link.

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