Cougar Town Fashion: Style from Flirting with Time

laurieCougar Town Style

Laurie’s tribal sequin top


Thanks to last night’s Cougar Town, I started reminiscing about how I met the most important people in my life. My best friend from high school I met at a bar mitzvah years before we went to school together. My college best friend I met on a bus? Any my husband and I crossed paths dozens of times, before sitting down together for our first date.

Last night’s Cougar Town was a charming reminder of how I first “met” this show – thanks to those of you who urged me to watch it for it’s charming fashion and hillarious one liners. And encouraged me to turn the tables on you:

How did you first meet Possessionista? Let me know in the comments below.

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julesCougar Town fashion

Jules’ tassel red sleeveless top


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Ellie’s striped sweater with solid sleeves

Derek Lam

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2 thoughts on “Cougar Town Fashion: Style from Flirting with Time

  1. Cerise

    I met you through searching for fashion worn by Jillian Harris. 🙂

  2. karen b

    i “met” you by searching for the flower dress Ali F wore the night she went home on Jake’s season of Bachelor … and i’ve been hooked ever since!!

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