Bachelor Fashion: St. Croix episode 7 clothes from Bachelor

This week, the ladies of the Bachelor are in St. Croix where the water is as sparkly as Tierra’s personality.

And though little T’s journey ended in heartbreak, we’re just happy she made it through an episode without having to call an ambulance.

And we also said goodbye to my favorite Bachelor fashionista Lesley. Sean may have not felt the connection, but I’m dying to get her out of her clothes.

I mean because I want to borrow them.

Geez, dirtbags.

Check out what else AshLee, Des, Catherine, Lindsay and Lesley wore on the Bachelor

zara_7Lesley M Pink Skirt

Lesley’s hot pink slit skirt

Exact: Zara (sold out)

Similar: Naked Wardrobe (like $30)

Bachelor stripe shirt

AshLee’s striped colorblock tee

See it at JCrew

bikini on Bachelor

Lesley M’s striped bikini on Bachelor

Trina Turk (I think this is it)

See it at Bloomingdales

Bachelor fashion

Des’ purple rose ceremony dress

Forever 21

Rose Ceremony dress

Lesley’s striped hem maxi dress

Foley + Corinna

Bachelor yellow dress

Ashlee yellow bachelor rose ceremony dress

Susanna Monaco

See it at ShopBop

lg_dbe0df_Beverly Short Cover-Up

Lesley’s white beaded cover up

From Morocco

Similar: Miguelina Beverly

Lindsay Green Dress

Lindsay’s ruffle green maxi dress

Exact: Banana Republic

Similar: Target


  1. How about Lindsey’s Green Maxi dress that she wore at the Rose Ceremony?

  2. Any other suggestions similar to Leslie’s skirt? Both are sold out :(

  3. You are so right about Lesley’s wardrobe, especially that sheer pink skirt! Any ideas on her earrings from that same outfit?

  4. What about Catherine’s Floral Bikini?

  5. Any clue where Tierra got her strapless red maxi dress that she gets sent home in??

  6. What about Tierra’s green and white top on her one on one date?? Super cute. Any idea where i can find it?

  7. I LOVED Lesley’s white beaded cover up!!! Any other similar cover ups?

  8. Pretty sure that Lesley’s bikini is Milly (from several seasons ago). I have a dress in the same print.

  9. You are amazing!!! I am in love with Lesley’s striped maxi dress from the rose. Do you have any suggestions of something similar since you can’t purchase that one online?


  10. Any idea where Lesley’s blue dress with flowers is from? She wore it arriving in St. Croix. Thanks! :)

  11. Where do we find Lesley’s Foley & Corrina striped hem maxi dress?

  12. I absolutely loved Ashlee this episode and she looked so peaceful and uninhibited in that yellow dress! Hmmm Dana, perhaps you should track down the source of that magic scarf? Killer body for a cougar!! Im so depressed thinking at 39 I hadn’t reached that label yet…. Now I’ve been burnt toast for several years.

  13. I was wondering if you could find out where AshLees Hot pink bikini top is from. Loved it!

  14. Whitney Fields says:

    Stella & Dot has some new turquoise earrings similar to what Lesley was wearing tonight!

  15. Where can we find that White Maxi dress that Lesley wore to the Rose ceremony? I have looked everywhere!! I want that dress so bad!!

  16. Any ideas about Lindsay’s pink tank top that she wore on the road trip?

    • It’s Victoria’s Secret sport, but I don’t think they make them anymore. When I recently tried to order more I couldn’t find them on the website.

  17. What about tierras green flowy tank from her one on one? She is kinda chunky and it was even able to make her look thin and vibrant, love! says:
  18. Is it just me or is Catherine not the greatest dresser? Her RC dress last night was not pretty and many of her earlier dresses were forgettable as well.

    Lesley and AshLee keep the fashionista part of the show alive for me.

  19. Ashlee’s ombré bikini???!

  20. This definitely isn’t as cute, but this is kind of similar to Lesley’s maxi skirt and really cheap:

  21. Any idea if there is a similar version of Lesley’s maxi dress from last night, love it, but its of course sold out :(

  22. Can you please find out what nail polish Tierra was wearing? Thanks!

  23. AshLee’s shorts that she wore on her one on one date with Sean are Seven For Mankind. You can see them here if you want.

  24. And Catherine’s yellow shirt is from Nordstroms.

  25. Where is the gold necklace from thatvAshlee was wearing at the beginning of the show? says:
  26. What about the long necklace that AshLee was wearing with the hot pink tank?

  27. Kelley Barton says:

    Do you know where Tierra’s turquoise be klace is from that she wore to dinner with Sean on their 1 on 1 date?

  28. Love love love Lesley’s druzy-style drop earrings. Any ideas of where to get them? Stella and Dot’s are cute, but not quite like Lesley’s.

  29. What about Ashlee’s nail polish color on her date?

  30. where are ashley’s shorts from on her one on one

  31. Any idea where Lindsay’s purple and green cover up is from? Love it!

  32. Whoops! I meant Lesley’s cover up

  33. Also interested in where I could find Lesley’s swim suit cover up she was wearing in the house. Green/purple/blue. CUTE!

  34. I don’t see lindsey’s green maxi dress at banana. Do you have a link to the dress itself??

  35. I loved Ashlee’s colour block tee from Jcrew( as you linked),but I can’t find I anywhere on their website.. can anyone link right to the shirt.. I must be going blind!!!

  36. i just got a skirt like Lesley’s pink one with the two slits at Forever21 yesterday for $13.50!! It is literally exactly the same, a peachy-pink color!

  37. Does anyone know where you can get the dress Lindsay wore at rose ceremony after hometowns? Plunge neckline, black…

  38. Does anyone know where AshLee’s white tank that she wore during the fight with Tierra is from? So cute!

  39. Where can we find the swimsuit Ashlee wore in St Croix and the other swimsuits to love the fashion this season.

  40. I’m looking for those “flowy” pants Ashlee wore in St Croix for her evening dinner with Sean! Any idea’s?

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