Bachelor fashion : Hometown dates style


When it comes to their Bachelor fashion, I’m starting to feel like I’m playing chicken with the women of the Bachelor.

Which will crack first?

Their self-confidence?

Or my tolerance for novelty tops from Forever21.

See what else the ladies wore on the Bachelor



Des’s khaki open back top

Forever 21


Left: Lindsayโ€™s exact Forever 21 lace button up shirt

Forever 21


Des’ bronze gold sequin tank dress

Similar: Vince Camuto


Lindsay’s mesh inset dress (similar to the one Kacie B wore here)


Love Lindsay and Kacie’s Mesh inset style dress? See more options here


17 thoughts on “Bachelor fashion : Hometown dates style

  1. Lauren

    loved Des’s dress and Lindsay’s outfit too! excited to see what they pick in the upcoming weeks!


  2. Kirsten

    AshLee’s purple dress was awful – she looked like a purple sausage – and she’s so thin but that dress did her no favors. Des was stunning in her dress. At least she looked good going out!

  3. Michelle

    I loved Catherine’s hometown date blue sweater and her rose ceremony dress. Can you please track them down?

  4. Kaitlyn

    Do you know where Catherine’s dress if from?


    1. Sarah


      I think Catherine’s dress is from BCBG ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. katie

    Do you know where Catherines earrings from the rose ceremony are from?

  6. Tracy

    I am dying to know the ankle brown boots Lindsay (with the cream silk top and black jeans) was wearing on the hometown date? They were a mix of country, with a great brown leather.

  7. Liah

    This is a first for me saying this: Catherine looked stunning at the rose ceremony.
    Even though Ashlee is the unoffical fashion girl of this season, Lindsay has been pleasanly surprising me.

  8. Cerise

    Whoa. This is some really bad fashion except for Des’ dress. And even then, the look doesn’t suit her for some reason. AshLee’s dress is awful — don’t the final four get to do some shopping? — and Lindsay looks like a child.

  9. Cerise

    Oh, and I think that Sarah was the most fashionable one this season. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Courtney

    I would love it if you could track down Sean’s purple sweater he wore on Lindsay’s hometown date. My husband would look killer in it!

  11. Kelsey

    I loved the rings catherine was wearing while she and Sean were at the fish market and at her parents house. Any idea where any of those were from?

  12. Susan

    Catherine’s blue sweater from her hometown!! Need it ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Anonymous

      The sweater was from Madewell and it is called the
      Pamela Dot Pullover. It was selling on Shopbop, but is now sold out!

  13. Haley

    Love your blog!! Keep up the great work! Dying to know about Sean’s military style jacket with leather sleeves during Des’s hometown date (he’s wearing it outside during his convo with her brother!). I thought it was so hot – would love to find it for my boyfriend! Any ideas? THANKS!

  14. Ariel Gordon

    Desiree’s necklace is our Close to My Heart necklace. You can buy it here

  15. Lindsay

    Hi! I’m curious about AshLee’s plaid shirt from her picnic with Sean?

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