Bachelor fashion: episode 5 Sean Lowe

It’s obvious from this week’s Bachelor fashion that Sean Lowe’s ladies are at the end of their suitcases. Between Selma’s bedazzled turban (yes I know you loved it) and Lesley M’s vintage Topshop (it’s from 2010, y’all) it’s time for these ladies to restock their wardrobes (and introduce Sean to their families.)

This week, we saw just about the last of the rose ceremony options. Selma wore pants, and I’m pretty sureΒ  Des and Robin both wore dresses we’ve seen before.

I mean, you know it’s bad when I’m writing about Sarah’s puffer vest.

And considering it one of the best looks of the night.

I’m a little behind, so I’ve posted some similar looks. I’ll be updating this post with the exact pieces as I find them, and a few more (like Selma’s gray sharkbite top, Lesley M’s polka dot dress, Sarah’s white druzy bracelet and whatever you guys request in the comments below. Thanks for your patience. Tell me how much you love me in the comments. I need some motivation.)


Selma’s beaded head wrap

See it at Etsy


Sarah’s hot pink vest

See it at J Crew

ashlee-styleAshLee Bachelr

AshLee fur vest

similar: Urban Outfitters


Des studded blouse


See similar at Forever21

sarah-leathernecklace on the bachelor

Sarah’s bib necklace

See it at LuvAJ

lesleystripenecklace worn on the bachelor

Sarah’s rose ceremony necklace


See it at Amazon


Lesley’s striped beaded dress

Similar: TopShop


Sarah’s bracelet

Nicki Jean

Not available, try Etsy for similar bracelets


Sarah’s sleeveless leather dress

Sanctuary (it’s vegan)

See it at Dillards

64 thoughts on “Bachelor fashion: episode 5 Sean Lowe

  1. lauren

    Her vest is Jcrew

    1. Leisa

      Does anyone know who make the emerald green turtleneck sweater Catherine had on in the beginning of episode 5 when they announced they were going to Montana. It looked like a cowl neck half sweater or shrug

  2. Jillian

    Lindsay’s white coat from the concert with Sean please!

  3. Leah

    Always a fan of yours!

  4. Maggie

    We love you!

  5. Yola

    Hi, love you blog. Can you help me locate Leslie’s black lace dress from the rise ceremony this week? Thank you!

  6. Whitney Fields

    Robyn wore her S&D Soar necklace again… for the last time on the show… πŸ˜‰

  7. Brooke

    To all of the Emily Maynard fashionistas there is a lot of her jewelry and her Karen Kane sweater, sparkle and fade blouse, her leopard cardigan, and her wildfox Eiffel tour shirt on eBay right now! Search Emily Maynard.

  8. Emily

    You are hilarious. Sara’s black leather dress and Lesley’s polar plunge bikini please! And the body to go with it. K thanks.

  9. tasha

    Hi, I’d love it if you could feature where Ashlee Frazier got her navy sequined dress πŸ™‚

    1. Linda

      can you locate AshLee’s brown riding boots as well?

      1. emily

        Also, the white top AshLee wore on the group date at night.

      2. Dana Weiss

        Nordstrom xo D

    2. Dana Weiss

      French Connection. XO

  10. KatieR

    obsessed with this blog! can you please ID the blue dress robyn wore to the rose ceremony? and the dress/top (i couldn’t really tell) that catherine wore during the night portion of the group date.

  11. Jess

    Love Lesley’s bikini! Any ideas on where to get it? LOVE your blog!

  12. Kate

    It would be unreal if you could find the jacket Lindsey (sp?) wore on her one-on-one date! (the hunter green one with the fur lining hood) Thank you thank you thank you!!

    1. allison

      I would also looooove to know where that parka can be found. I have already spent a couple hours looking with no luck. Thanks!!

  13. Anonymous

    You’re the best!!! I couldn’t find Lesley’s striped rose ceremony dress on top shop.

    1. Dana Weiss

      2010 πŸ™

  14. Lindsay

    Lesley’s black lace dress from rose ceremony on tuesday’s episode please!!

    1. Dana Weiss


  15. Brittany

    Selma’s yellow dress at the end of the night please!!! (The one she was wearing when she finally kissed Sean)


      Yes! I want that dress too. Please tell us Possessionista.

    2. Annabanana

      Please let us know where Selma got her yellow dress on the night Sean sent her home!

    3. Annabanana

      I found something similar, but they’re sold out.

      1. Anonymous

        Has anyone found that yellow dress, gorgeous!

  16. Brittany

    PS love the blog, new fan!

  17. Ellie Spratt

    What about Tierra’s (I know) t shirt from the 2 on 1 date? White with gray sleeves and an eagle/bird on the front? Thank you for everything you do Dana! You’re the best!!

    1. Karin

      I’ve been searching for that too!!!

  18. Danaea Hagopian

    The really dark nail polish they ALL seem to be wearing? Also, I’m in love with all things Leslie! Can you try to get an interview with her at some point like you do some contestants?! Her makeup during the group date was awesome – can we get some pointers?!

  19. Kate

    Catherine’s black dress and heels from her video diary!

  20. Tracy

    Anyone know about the cropped jacket Tierra wore on the two on one date???

  21. Sarah

    Loving Lesley’s necklace she wore during the group date party! Where’s it from?

    1. Dana Weiss

      Max Mara

  22. Christie

    What about the really dark nail polish they all seemed to be wearing in the episode where Sarah goes home????

  23. Megan

    I loved Lyndsey’s white shirt dress from the group date.

  24. Sarah

    Best post so far this season! I love it when you include non-rose-ceremony items. You’re always entertaining!

  25. Lody

    The brown bracelets Selma never seems to take off?
    Love your blog!!! You’ve got me always checking in for updates!!

  26. Kaci

    What about the tshirt Tierra was wearing on the 2 on 1 date while horseback riding??

  27. Meredith

    AshLee’s earrings she wore with the navy dress at the rose ceremony. They were absolutely stunning! I’d love to know where the dress is from too! Thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. Dana Weiss

      She got them at a boutique but doesn’t know the brand. Sorry.

  28. Penny

    You are the best Dana! I loved the blue and white blouse Lindsey wore on the picnic of her one on one date please.

  29. Melissa

    Pretty sure Sara’s teal colored jacket was this one from bb dakota in case anyone cares.

  30. Lori

    Love what you do! Don’t stop πŸ™‚
    I was wondering about the leopard scarves both ladies wore on the 2 on 1 date. Tierra’s and the other girl’s (oops I forgot her name, but the one that got sent home). Am I the only one who noticed they each wore a leopard scarf at some point during that date? lol.

  31. Marina

    I’d also love to know about Lesley’s necklace during the group date on Tuesday’s episode. It was chocker-like but hung a little low on her. I loved it!

    1. Dana Weiss


  32. Ashley

    The red dress and leather jacket Selma wore on the Montana date! Thanks girl! Love and and appreciate what you do!

  33. Sara Seifert

    What about Des’s boots from the canada repelling picnic date??

  34. Alyssa

    Lindsay Yenter Dress from the rose ceremony πŸ™‚ you are awesome

  35. Sierra

    Maybe they should’ve have Vicelight’ed it….

  36. Cerise

    Love your blog! Keep up the great work. The pink vest is sold out! πŸ™
    Also, wanted to add that I love that you have scrolling at the bottom of some of your posts that include similar looks of what you’re writing about. πŸ™‚

  37. AP

    I’m pretty sure Lesley’s sequin rose ceremony dress is by Parker (this one is in black):

  38. Cheree

    Love love love this blog!!! You’ve gotta find out the super shiny lipgloss Tierra has been wearing!!! πŸ™‚

  39. Penny

    What bikini was Lesley wearing at the Polar Bear swim?

  40. BKL

    Several girls had a really pretty nail polish color on, I especially noticed it when a girl was wiping her tears in the limo ride home. Any ideas on that one?

  41. KRK

    Lesleys Bikini from teh Polar Bear Plunge!!! LOVE you, love your blog… seriosuly Im obsessed!

  42. Lauren

    Hate to be a nag, but any news on Selma’s Sharkbite Gray Sweater? πŸ™‚ LOVE your blog!!!

  43. Anonymous

    lesley’s polka dot dress please!

  44. caddiepup

    I want to know where to get Lesleys turquoise cuff bracelet in her final episode????

  45. WorkoutJunkie

    Can you please tell me where Selma got the yellow dress she was wearing when she went home? It was beautiful.

  46. Haley

    Any ideas about Sean’s military dark green jacket that he wore to Des’s hometown dinner? I’d love to find out what brand. It had a slightly popped collar, button-flap breast pockets, and the sleeves were a slightly different texture. Thanks!!

  47. Where did Lindsay Yenter get her silver 'stack' ring on her shown on her Home Town date and what nailpolish/makeup was she wearing?

    Lindsay Yenter’s silver ring on Home Town Date? Tierra’s shiny lip gloss and the girls black or dark nail polish colour (was it OPI)? Thanks.

  48. Where did Ashlee get her necklace from tonight's Rose ceremony on 2/25/13 please?

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