Vampire Diaries fashion: After School Special

April’s Vampire Diaries style sweater: H&M Fair Isle Cardigan

I’ll admit it. When Rebecca snapped Elena’s neck on the Vampire Diaires, I momentarily forgot she was immortal.

And for one brief, shining moment I thought to myself, “finally! An end to Elena and her wet blanket love triangle.”

But alas, you can’t have the Vampire Diaries without the chick who’s actually writing in the diary.  So, at least for now, it seems Elena will live to cock tease the Salvatore brothers for another day.

Check out what else Elena, Bonnie, April and Caroline wore on the Vampire Diaires.

vampire-diaries-style-bonnieVampire Diaries style sweater

Bonnie’s draped striped cardigan


See it at Nordstrom


Caroline’s tiered print dress

Anthropologie (on sale!)

Vampire-diaries-styleVampire Diaries style

Rebecca’s scalloped white tank


See it at Anthropologie


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