Revenge Fashion: Emily Thorne outfits

emily1Revenge Emily Thorne outfits

Emily Thorne’s Revenge style lace cover up on Revenge


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It’s a funny thing when the hunter becomes the hunted.

Now that Aidan’s sister is presumably dead, it looks like the tables may be turning on Emily Thorne. This week’s Revenge hinted at the prospect of Aidan looking for retribution, and blaming Emily Thorne for the death of his sister.

I’ve long wondered how Revenge would keep up its pace, eventually Victoria Grayson would run out of bandage dresses and Daniel Grayson would wear all the Ray-Bans. Ashley Davenport will have slept with everyone except Declan and then what would we have but a bunch of red dresses, and unresolved issues with faux-Manda’s hair?

So I’m looking forward to a potential plot shift, where Aiden seeks Revenge for his sister’s death.

And maybe Emily Thorne finally gets the hell out of the Hamptons.

What do you think? Would you want to see Emily leave the Hamptons or to do you think she still has unresolved issues with the Graysons? Weigh in below.

Check out what else Emily has worn on Revenge



Revege styleRevenge style and fashion

Emily Thorne hooded sweater from Revenge

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19 thoughts on “Revenge Fashion: Emily Thorne outfits

  1. Cerise

    I like Faux-manda’s hair! Her curls are nice and natural-ish with no frizz. 🙂

  2. Rebecca

    Are you able to find the black shirt she was wearing in the very last scene of this past week’s episode?

    1. Pritha

      oh im dying to find out about that one too! gorgeous

      1. Audra

        Yes, this shirt!

    2. Jill

      Looking for the black lace top from last episode. Anyone find it?

      1. Jenn Buhl

        H&M! Thx RVNGR! Love u Posessionista Xoxo

  3. Megan

    Lets be honest. I don’t watch the show for the plot line anymore. I watch it for the fashion, and also to see whether Nolan Ross will be kissing women or men this week. 😉

  4. Octavia

    can you find the blue dress Emily was wearing when she and Daniel went to L.A

  5. Emily Jensen

    I was hoping to find out wear Charlotte’s pink birthday dress is from…

  6. Alison

    Yes, please find that black top with the lace panel – it was so cute!

  7. Jenn Buhl

    i hear the black top with the lace is from H&M thx to RVNGR!!!

    1. Anonymous

      not even close

  8. Candis Ali

    hey love this show, and fashion, thanks possessionista for finding it for us 😀 i wanted to find emily’s red dress from the episode in season 2 when she broke up with aiden that dress was gorgeous!!

  9. Mallory

    Can you find the white/ivory dress that has a gold metal trim? It was from the Sabotage episode.

  10. sophie

    I don’t suppose you know where these sunglasses were from, in pic posted January 22nd?

    1. Anonymous

      I was looking for these sunglasses also
      anyone know what brand yhey are? I’ve been searching
      and can’t quite find this shape. I love them, help!

      1. Eleonora

        The sunglasses are Dolce&Gabbana DG 8079
        I’ve been searching for them for months and finally got them 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    Does anyone know where the two tone belted dress was from- worn by Emily on 18th march

  12. Peggy

    Love the hooded sweater!

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