Real Housewives fashion: Adriana De Moura Exclusive interview

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Behind the scenes of the Real Housewives of Miami reunion. Adrianna De Moura in a silver, sequin Parker dress, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and Roni Blashay earrings

Famously, Karent Sierra stole her tweet. But when it comes to Adriana De Moura, its her Real Housewives style we’d rather steal.

I caught up with the art dealing, saucy-mouthed Adriana De Moura before tonight’s Real Housewives of Miami reunion to talk about her Real Housewives fashion, her co-star style and the time Kanye interrupted her (to ask her about her bracelets – not to steal her Grammy.)

Possessionista: How would you describe your personal style?

ADM: Romantic mixed with classic mixed with a batch of sexy.

Possessionista: How much of what you wore on the show was yours and how much of it did you shop for?

ADM: It’s our wardrobe, Bravo doesn’t pay for it so everything I had were things I had or bought. I did a lot of mixing and matching. I do a lot of shopping in Bal Harbour. It has the upscale shops, and Neiman Marcus and Saks. I also shop in the design district for more indie designers. My closet is in sections: black, whites, and shades of colors. After I wore seomething I moved it. I had a section for what I wore and what I didn’t.  Once you’ve been filmed you can’t repeat it. It’s a rule. Keeping track of what you wore became a job in yourself. I have a rack of what’s been worn and what I haven’t worn yet.

Possessionista: So what did you wear to the reunion?

Real Housewives earrings
Designer Roni Blashay modeling these chandelier earrings as seen on Adriana De Moura on the Real Housewives of Miami reunion (click image to purchase)

ADM: I wore the Parker sequin ombre dress with Miu Miu shoes and Roni Blanshay jewelry. I’m wearing a lot of Roni lately. I was at Art Basel and Kanye West stopped me to ask about my bracelets that were Roni’s. I went to her atelier and everywhere I turned I saw something I liked.

Possessionista: How did you choose what to wear for the reunion?

ADM: I had to submit five options for approval and that’s the outfit they chose. Whenever we get together as a group, like the opening theme or the reunion, you have to get the look approved and make sure two people aren’t wearing the same color or same dress.

Possessionista: So if you had to share clothes with one of your co-stars, who would it be?

ADM: Marysol Patton.

Possessionista: And who needs the most help?

ADM: Joanna Krupa. She’s okay when she uses a stylist but she doesn’t have a lot of personal style.

Possessionista: Nothing personal, right?

ADM: Maybe a little.

Possessionista: How would you compare Real Housewives of Miami style to the other cities?

ADM: In Miami it’s problematic because it’s summer 365 days of the year. I like to keep up my trends but sometimes we can’t wear them because you can’t bear the thought of wearing long sleeves. You have to show skin all the time and you don’t want to be sweating your clothes off. Anything cute and light and airy. It’s resort, year round.

Real Housewives reunion
Adriana De Moura wore Parker to the reunion (click image to purchase)

Possessionista: Outside of Miami, who has the best Housewives style?

ADM: Lisa VanDerPump always looks put together. And Nene. She’s tall and curvy and she knows what works for her.

Possessionista: Did you watch the show?

ADM: I watch it because I have to. We have to blog about it. I watch it like it’s a job.

Possessionista: What was your worst fashion moment?

ADM: I don’t know. I think the lingerie party. That corset and my nipple kept slipping out. I went to all the nice places. Agent Provacateur. La Perla. I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t sheer. I ended up going with something from Victoria’s Secret, but it didn’t fit my boobs. I had to choose cover my butt or my boobs. I chose to cover my butt.

Also I spent a lot of time drying and curling my hair, and as soon as I’d walk out my hair was flat and oily. The weather just wouldn’t cooperate. I would wash it, style it and at the end use dry shampoo – especially on my bangs because of the hours of shooting. One thing I found was the Oscar Blandi, I really liked it. I carry it everywhere I go.

Real Housewives Miami style
Adriana De Moura in Valentino

Possessionista: And best fashion moment?

ADM: I’m my worst critic. I always find something wrong with myself. But I love the green dress when I’m playing the piano recital with my son with matching Sergio Rossi pumps. And in my ITM’s I  was wearing a Valentino top in blush. That was a great look.  My hair was curled in really soft waves. Blush is a really big trend for next spring.

Possessionista:What are some other trends we should look for next season?

ADM: At first I am Brazilian, in Brazil we are fashion conscious, so in Brazil we’re always one season ahead. I get to check out what’s happening before everyone else. Every summer I come back with the designers and what they’re doing. Blush is going to be really popular. Also splashes of red and poppy. I’m wearing red Rag & Bone jeans right now.

Possessionista: So was the show pretty accurate in terms of your style?

ADM: I  was trying to be true to myself and my fashion self. Once it’s out there on the Internet or on camera it’s there forever for anyone to see. But when I’m not filming I like to be more relaxed. I just wash my hair, a little tinted moisturizer and sunscreen. I do wear Lululemon or ones I get in Brazil.

Possessionista: You mentioned sunscreen. What’s your beauty regimine?

Adrianye? Dad-to-be Kanye West noticed Adriana rocking these Roni Blashay exotic skin bangles at Art Basel.

ADM: I’m not that good at it, really. I remove my makeup every night and I use a Clarisonic. My skin is very sensitive, so I keep my face clean. Vitamin C, moisturizer and sunscreen. I like cosmetics that don’t have a lot of chemicals. And I have naturally big lips, so I have tinted Burts Bees lip balm in my bag.

Possessionista: And those bags include…

ADM: Mostly Chanel. Who doesn’t love Chanel. I have a few Hermes, but I think the Birkin is overdone. Chanel is classic.

Possessionista: And what’s your style philosophy?

ADM: Everyone has something beautiful. There’s something in everybody if it’s your eyes or your mouth or legs, so try to find that and play it out. Fashion is great but having confidence and appreciate what you have will make you look fantastic. It’s about how you wear it, not what you wear.

Check out part two of the Real Housewives of Miami reunion on Bravo tonight.See everything worn on the Real Housewives




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  1. Cerise

    Brazil is where the fashion trends start? I don’t care about trends as I like to just wear what I like and what works for my shape; but the trends don’t start in Brazil.

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    Adriana De Moura wore Parker to the reunion-likes this one. wow, looks pretty dress.

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    Thanks for the interview, I really enjoyed reading it. I’m glad to hear the color blush is in for the spring, I think it’s such a beautiful shade.

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