Rayna James concert outfit worn on Nashville

rayna james outfit

Rayna James StyleConnie Britton fashion

Rayna James Nashville style sequin wrap top L’Agence (See it at StyleBop)

Rayna James snake print pants Seven for All Mankind (on sale at ShopBop)

ccz: How is there nothing on the web telling me who makes Rayna James’ #Nashville concert outfit?!?!

@Possessionista @ccz @carolynconrad Looping in the brains behind #possessionista … Dana … any idea??

You know, you guys have to meet me halfway.

Like Rayna James, I can keep playing music, but you have to at least buy a ticket to the concert.

Seriously. Can you believe there are still people out there using the Internet that don’t know that Possessionista exists. They’re just going through life, searching for clothes from TV and never knowing that I’ve probably already done all the work.

So the next time you spot your friends, your twitter followers, and your fake Facebook friends searching for clothes worn on TV, like Caroline’s friend searching for Rayna James concert outfit, tell them that Possessionista is the place to find the best TV fashion.

And then they’ll stop bugging you.

And start bugging me, instead.

See what else Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes and Connie Britton as Rayna James have worn on Nashville.

5 thoughts on “Rayna James concert outfit worn on Nashville

  1. Jill

    Dying to know what the black tank with all the chains were that rayna wore at the Dallas concert


  2. Mimi

    Agree with Jill – I loved that black necklace tank that Connie britton wore on the jan 23 episode of Nashville during her concert rehearsal scene. Gotta have it!

  3. Lauren

    I love all of Scarlett’s clothes. Can you post more of them?

  4. kerriann

    i love the heart necklace Rayna wore on episode 3. can you help me locate it??

  5. phoebe

    do you know where i can find some hoop earrings similar to the ones that rayna frequently wears? i want to find some that dont look tacky!

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