Pretty Little Liars style: Premiere

PRetty Little Liars fashion

Hannah’s Pretty Little Liars style blue polka dot dress

See it at Anthropologie

I must have done something very, very good to get back to back premieres of the Bachelor and Pretty Little Liars.

I ID’d most of the Pretty Little Liars fashion last week, but there’s one dress I left out (so I’d have something to talk about tonight.)

Hanna’s belted polka dot dress was so sweet, I’d almost choose it over Mona’s muffins.


I always go for the carbs.

Check out the rest of the Pretty Little Liars style from the premiere.

Aria stripe blazer Pretty Little Liars fashion

Aria’s striped blazer

Sparkle and Fade

See it at Urban Outfitters

Pretty Little Liars style

Aria’s tiger graphic tee

Truly Madly Deeply

See it at Urban Outfitters

Spencer ruffle top

Spencer’s ruffle tank

Karina Grimaldi

Pretty Little Liars skirt

Spencer’s chiffon pleated green skirt (different color)

W118 Walter Baker

See it at Saks Fifth Avenue

Pretty Little Liars style

Mona’s polka dot sweater




Pretty Little Liars style

Aria’s studded sweatshirt

American Apparel and hand studded by costume designer Mandi Line


13 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars style: Premiere

  1. Sarah

    Hi Dana,
    Can you also ID the purses that Aria and Spencer had in the scene where they first see Mona at school?

    1. Dana Weiss

      ARia and Hannah’s bags are both Aldo, but I don’t know about Spencer’s – I’ll ask.

  2. Kristen

    Do you know which style the Aldo bag is? Looking for Arias but I can’t seem to find it on their site.

  3. amy

    I love Hannah’s new hair cut 🙂

  4. louis vuitton bags

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  5. Lily

    hey guys Aria’s bag is the Aldo McMurphy, Spencer’s is the Aldo Tonai, and Hanna’s is the Aldo Bunger 🙂

  6. Anna

    Does anyone know what Aria’s bronze leaf earrings are??? Love them!

    1. Lee

      I scoured the interwebs for them when she first wore them in Season 1 and couldn’t find an exact match, but did find a nearly identical pair at Forever 21 – I would definitely give that a try! 🙂

  7. Maria B

    Hi Dana!

    Any chance you know where Hanna’s heart t-shirt is from?


    1. Dana Weiss
      1. Maria B

        Thank you!!

  8. Amanda

    Where can I find Spencer’s ruffle tank? (if anywhere..)

  9. Maneet

    Hi, can you please identify Emily’s handbag from the premiere. Thx.

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