Pretty Little Liars: Fashion Preview

ASHLEY BENSONHAnnah Pretty Little Liars

Hannah’s Pretty Little Liars style tiny diamond necklace

Lauren Joy

See it at Dana Rebecca (this is my favorite piece of jewelry that I own)

We were out for dinner this week with some fairly new friends. As I waxed poetic about my crappy TV watching, one half of the couple asked me a pointed question, “what’s your favorite tv show on these days.”

Having to choose is kind of like choosing between my children.

Because my favorite is always changing.

But I have to admit, Pretty Little Liars is sort of like my firstborn. It was one of the first shows I ever wrote about, and Mandi Line has become such a dear friend to me.

I got a preview of this week’s episode, and some of the clothing was so fantastic I couldn’t wait until the show aired to share it with you guys.

Which I guess kind of makes me like that mom that posts her kid’s kindergarten report card on Facebook.

See what else Hannah, Emily, Aria and Spencer wore on Pretty Little Liars



pll+style_fashionPretty Little Liars stylePretty Little Liars fashion

Spencer’s peplum top: Free People see it at Lord and Taylor

Emily’s cut out cold shoulder top: See it at AllSaints

pretty_little_liars_stylefashionPRetty Little Liars fashion

Aria’s blue dress and leather jacket

Blue Dress: W118 by Walter Baker

Jacket: Zara

pretty_little_liars_fashionPretty Little Liars style

Aria’s print fringe scarf

Similar: Madewell

PLL-style-fashionPRetty Little Liars fashionPretty Little Liars fashion

Aria’s plaid jacket: Heed See it at Nordstrom

Hanna’s cut out top: Sparkle and fade (see it at Urban Outfitters)


Hanna’s plaid jacket and lace top

Plaid jacket: Semantiks

Lace Top: Zara


Emily’s plaid vest: TopShop

Pretty Little Liars StyleFashion of PLLPretty Little Liars yellow tote

Hannah’s print jacket and bow tie top

Jacket: BCBG

Bow tie shirt: Maje

Aria’s yellow Tote: Rebecca Minkoff

Check out more plaid jackets and blazers here:

4 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars: Fashion Preview

  1. Whitney Fields

    You’ve turned me into a Dana Rebecca addict! I own three necklaces and a pair of earrings… and even gifted my mom a necklace! Love love love!

  2. Katie

    The fashion on PLL never fails to impress me… thanks for all the fashion Dana! It’s amazing to see what they where on PLL and Lying Game maybe when secret life comes back you could recap the fashion on that show because its defiantly the! 🙂 thanks again!

  3. Z

    Only just saw this and so disappointed! The tartan blazer is sold out! :'( Why don’t stores order more when they know it will be on pretty little liars!?

  4. Kimberly

    Are u able to figure out where Arias earrings are from? The ones when she’s wearing the blue dress and black leather jacket? I’m in love w them!

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