Pretty Little Liars fashion : MonaMania

ariaPRetty Little Liars Aria stylePretty Little Liars fashion

Pretty little liars fashion

Aria’s black leather dress

Free People

See it on sale at ShopBop

Aria’s lace up boots: Bronx

Aria Montgomery is losing it you guys.

Pairing a cropped shrug with a vegan leather dress and boots from Mary the Milkmaid, Aria has enough chaos in her outfit without a hooded murder on the loose.

You know things are looking bleak when even Mona is more pulled together than you.

I think it’s time our Pretty Little Liars did a little intervention.

Trust us, Aria.

We’re doing this for your own good.

See what else Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna wore on Pretty Little Liars

spenceremilyPretty Little Liars fashion

Spencer’s mustard and white contrast shirt dress

See it at Ted Baker


Emily’s colorblock top

Vintage Havana

monaPretty Little Liars stye

Mona’s blue lace dress

exact: Love Fire

similar: Modcloth

Pretty Little Liars fashion and stylespencerblazer

Spencer’s blue blazer


spencerlacePretty Little Liars style lace cami

Spencer’s tie waist lace cami


See it at Nordstrom

Hannah Bird dressPretty Little Liars fashion

Hanna’s bird dress

Ted Baker

See it at ASOS


PRetty Little Liars HannaPretty Little Liars Hanna Fashion


Hanna’s peplum dress


See it at Selfridges

Emily’s snake print jeans

7 for all mankind

Pretty Little Liars stylePretty Little Liars aria dress

Aria’s cut out hi low dress


See it at Urban Outfitters

Spencer’s tie waist lace cami

21 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars fashion : MonaMania

  1. christina

    do you know where the jacket emily is wearing when they go to the basement in the beginning of the episode?

  2. Lindsay

    do you know where the flag scarf spencer wore at the beginning of the episode is from?

  3. trisha

    What about the cardi Mona was wearing with the blue dress? Thanks!

    1. possessionista

      Classiques Entier.


  4. trisha

    What about the cardi Mona was wearing with the blue dress? Thanks!

  5. trisha

    What about the cardi Mona was wearing with the blue dress? Thanks!

    1. Dana Weiss

      It’s Classiques Entier

      1. trisha

        Thanks! Sorry about posting that 3 phone was acting up!

  6. Corinne

    Any chance you know what white cardigan
    Spencer was wearing with the Frenchi tie waist top?

    1. Dana Weiss

      Cardigan is JCrew. (Jeans are AG)

      1. Corinne

        Thank you!

  7. Aly

    Hi, do you know where Aria’s jacket/shrug (worn with the leather dress) is from?

    1. Dana Weiss

      Arden B. 🙂

  8. Jess1122

    Loved Mona’s light blue lace dress with matching earrings! Such a cute outfit all around.

  9. Casey

    Looking for Aria’s off the shoulder sweatshirt from the opening scene at her house… Thanks!

  10. Valentina

    I can’t find the jacket thing Aria is wearing with the leather dress on Arden B 🙁 Can you post the link like you did with the other clothes?

    1. Dana Weiss

      i don’t have a link, tina. Unfortch, I think it’s sold out.

  11. Rachel

    Dana, PLEASE help me find the high/low hot pink Naven dress. I need it for a wedding this summer and Naven doesn’t have it on their site…. HELP 🙂 🙂

    1. Dana Weiss

      I emailed Naven to see if it’s still available. Stay tuned.

  12. Madysen

    Do you know what sweatshirt Aria is wearing at the end of the episode? It has a pink rose on it. If you could find it that would be amazing!

  13. LS

    Can anyone identify the black jacket with quilting detail Hanna is wearing in the basement at the beginning? It’s the cutest jacket in the world and every single recap does not address it once, I don’t get it! Oh but I want it.

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