Pretty Little Liars fashion: Hannah’s paris top

 HannahPretty Little Liars Hannah bow tie tee

Hannah’s bow tie tee from Pretty Little Liars

Maje “From Paris with Love” tee

See it at Lane Crawford

Hannah Marin has come a long way since her days of ruffled Rebecca Taylor dresses and sticky fingers.

Thanks to Aria and Caleb, insecure Hannah of baby fat and shoplifting has traded in her feathered hair and floral dresses for an edgy do and a steadfast resolve to protect her best friends from “A.”

Not to mention a whole lot cooler wardrobe than Husky Hannah ever had.

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3 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars fashion: Hannah’s paris top

  1. Katie

    I’m sorry but i would like to inform you that her name is Hanna not Hannah. Just drop the h and your good.

  2. Not Katie

    It’s “you’re” good, Katie. If you’re going to be a jerk and correct everyone else, you might want to start with proofreading yourself.

  3. soph

    anyone know where else to get this top it’s sold out at Lane Crawford?

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