Pitch Perfect Chloe studded top

Britney Snow studded top

“Possessionista have you seen Pitch Perfect?  Lots of cute clothes but I especially want the ID of the hot pink studded top that Brittany Snow wears near the beginning of the movie.  Any clue? Thanks Mindy”

Pitch Perfect may be the greatest movie ever made.

And I say that without any sarcasm. It’s heartwarming, funny and has a soundtrack that could make anyone dance. It’s like Bring it On set to current hits. Plus a seemingly endless performance of Ace of Base’s I Saw The Sign.

Anna Kendrick doing David Guetta is all kinds of awesome – especially since Titanium is kinda my jam too – but what you all were more intrigued by was Britney Snow as Chloe’s nailhead studded top.

Some internet sleuths have found a super similar version by – wait for it – Madonna’s material girl line at Macys. But before you go opening a credit card for that additional 15% off, you may want to hear this.

Costume designer Salvador Perez – who is also responsible for Mindy Kaling’s retro-inspired Mindy Project style– tells me that it’s just not so.

“I got it at a boutique in baton rouge, in October of 2011, it was expensive, like $275.00, but ironically, Madonna did a knock off , exactly like it for her Macys Material girl line, for like $38.00,” Sal confided in me. ” If you find it, please tell that story,, so they don’t think i put Madonna on my actresses, lol.”

We may be living in a material world, but when it comes to the ladies of Pitch Perfect – they are not material girls.

Don’t forget Mindy Project is back tonight on Fox. Check Possessionista for exclusive Mindy Project fashion ID’s straight from costume designer Sal Perez.

4 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect Chloe studded top

  1. Caroline

    I have this exact same shirt in this color and white from Urban Outfitters and it was around $50.00. I think they still sell it in other colors!

    1. Ashley

      Purchased the same shirt in Pink from Urban Outfitters (Lucca Couture)
      about a year ago.


  2. Amy

    Hold up Dana!!! If we’re talking Pitch Perfect, please give me info on the dress Anna Camp is wearing when they are at the booth to recruit girls. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  3. Nicola

    i have this in grey from urban outfitters but they definitely do it in other colours

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