Parenthood fashion: Jasmine grey black sweater

Parenthood fashion

Parenthood fashion


They say when you get married, you don’t marry the person. You marry the family.

In my house, the rule is whoever the parent belongs to, that’s the one who does the talking. And in general, this has worked out for us pretty well.

So Tuesday night when Crosby and Jasmine decided to confront Jasmine’s mom about undermining their authority in front of Jabbar, and Jasmine said, “go ahead,” to Crosby, I was like, “oh no she di’int.”

But that doesn’t really work for me and I got the whole finger wag, head shake all wrong and I ended up looking like a Saturday Night Live character. So I’m gonna work on that.

And you go get yourself Jasmine’s grey and black sweater.


Parenthood style


Jasmine’s Parenthood style sweater

Helmut Lang

See it at Shopbop

One thought on “Parenthood fashion: Jasmine grey black sweater

  1. Nell

    Hi! I love Jasmine’s style on Parenthood and actually just posted a tutorial this week loosely inspired by this top. Love this site and am now a follower. I always have my camera to the TV!

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