Olivia Palermo’s brown slouch tote

Olivia Palermo bagOlivia Palermo style

Olivia Palermo’s brown slouchy tote

Melie Melo

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Hi, Could you please tell me who made this bag or where I could find something more similar at my upper middle class level? Thank you! You are the best! -Stephanie

Sure, a lot of people hated Olivia Palermo when she was on The City. After all, she was somean to Whitney Port. But you can’t deny that the girl has more style in one cheetah clad toe than any other reality star has in her entire vanity clothing line. Seriously, Olivia Palermo is the kind of celebrity whose better seen and not heard.

And I, for one, could stand to see a lot more of her.

My wallet, however, may not be able to withstand it.

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