Mindy Project style: The Brother

mindy4Mindy Project fashion

Mindy Project fashion

Mindy Kaling yellow coat

Tulle Clothing

See it at Modcloth

What if everyone expected you to do one thing, but all you wanted was to be something else?

What if everyone expected you to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or someone who generally contributes to society in a positive and helpful manner?

But you knew, deep in your heart, what you were meant to do was be a rap star.

Or watch TV all day.

This week’s Mindy Project asks the age old question – how do you follow your dreams?

For Mindy’s brother, that meant leaving Princeton to write poems in the bathtub and use vaguely offensive nicknames to make himself a credible member of the rap music industry.

And for me, it means watching every last hour of television even when I know it’s going to be cancelled (I’m talking to you, LA Complex) because this is my path.

What I’m asking you is: are you going to continue to be an upstanding citizen in society making this world a better place?

Or are you going to sit on this couch and eat hot pockets with me?

Because these TV shows won’t watch themselves.

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mindy3mindy project fashoin

Mindy Project style

Mindy’s polka dot sweater

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mindy2Mindy Kaling style

Mindy Kaling star sweater


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Mindy Project horse print blouse

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4 thoughts on “Mindy Project style: The Brother

  1. Kelly S.

    Any idea where her earrings (in the last screenshot) came from?

    1. Dana Weiss

      EArrings are from Nordstrom. The brand is Cara but I dont see it online.


  2. Megan

    Dana, I choose TV and hot pockets with you every day and twice on Mondays, bc Sean Lowe is half naked on TV that day. Yum.

  3. Megan

    Mindys yellow coat is so cute, and affordable! Love it!

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