Mindy Project style: Mindy Kaling fashion

Mindy Project fashion and style
Mindy Kaling wears a striped cardigan from Australian clothing designer Sunny Girl

Like all little girls, Dr. Mindy Lahiri of the Mindy Project dreamed big. That one day she’d marry rich. Or marry an old dude and inherit his money.

What she didn’t account for was that she’d be sleeping on a hospital couch scheming to have one night stands with holistic midwives with self programming showers.

But then again, I didn’t dream of spending 9 hours on my butt watching TV under piles of laundry.

So sometimes, you just have to let the dream come to you, you know?

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mindy1Mindy Project fashion

Mindy Kaling Peplum Dress

Bebe Mariah Dress


5 thoughts on “Mindy Project style: Mindy Kaling fashion

  1. Emily G

    I LOVE her glasses, any idea where I could find a pair like these?

    1. leah

      I have also been searching for these, and I just found out where she got them! They’re from Oliver Peoples, and I think the ones she has are the Parsons 51.

  2. Adriana

    I have been looking everywhere (through tons of blogs) and the closest I’ve come to finding similiar frames is Lookmatic.com. You can upload a picture to see what the glasses will look like. I think Mindy’s glasses Shelby or Maxine.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Clare

    Her glasses are by Blinde. You can tell by the 3 dots on the side.

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you! I’ve been looking everywhere!

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