Lying Game style: Emma’s lace crochet dress

Lying game fashion

Crochet Dress Lying GameLying Game fashion

Emma’s crochet dress on Lying Game

(left) One by Eternal Sunshine See it at ShopBop

(right) Zara

Of all the love triangles in The Lying Game, there’s only one I care about.

And it’s not whether Ethan will end up with Sutton or Emma.

And it’s certainly not whether Jordan picks Laurel or Mads

And it’s definitely not whether Rebecca ends up with Ted or Alec.

It’s which crochet dress you end up with that matters to me.

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One thought on “Lying Game style: Emma’s lace crochet dress

  1. Cocos Closet

    This is a very stylish!! Can be accessorized well in winters.

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