Juliette Barnes green peplum top on Nashville

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Nashville Fashion


Juliette Barnes green peplum top (Hayden Panetierre)

Opening Ceremony

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Juliette Barnes is a reality TV star waiting to happen. She sings like an American Idol, and has relationships as short as a Kardashian.

But this week, after pulling a “Bachelor” and getting engaged after six minutes, Nashville’s resident Bad Girl left Sean and his iron fist-wielding mother at the alter faster after finally getting Buckwild.

Looks like there’s only one more Reality Star to emulate, Juliette. And that would be Bethenny.

Because from the looks of next week’s episode, it looks like you’re in for a $100 million divorce.

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2 thoughts on “Juliette Barnes green peplum top on Nashville

  1. Megan

    Shirt was cute enough, but not $224 cute. Although I do love Juliette in teals and greens which she’s been wearing a lot of!

  2. Brooklyn

    Can you find out where her white dress is from, the one she was wearing after they got married? Thanks!

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