Hart of Dixie fashion: Zoe Hart striped sweater

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Hart of Dixie fashion

Zoe Hart stripe sweater


See it at Nordstrom

Also seen on Arrow

Hart of Dixie was back last night with one of its zany Blue Bell costume functions.

Zoe and Wade are blissfully happy in their honeymoon phase and Lavon is mopier than Amanda at a rose ceremony.

Lemon and Annabeth were up to their usual hijinks, staging a breakup so they could cater the Blue Bell event.

And I kept checking to make sure I was watching Hart of Dixie.

And not Scooby Doo.


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  1. Any idea where those yellow earrings are from? I love those.

  2. I would love to know where those yellow earrings are from as well! Thanks.

  3. I would also love to know where those yellow earrings are from!! They are fabulous.

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