Happy Endings fashion: Jane and Penny colorblock sweaters

Happy Endings FashionHappy Endings style

Happy Endings fashion

Penny’s colorblock sweater

Free People

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Penny: What would Kerry Washington do in scandal?

Brad: Demand to see the president and then almost make out with him.

Now that Happy Endings is on twice a week, there’s really no reason that any of you is not watching it. Not only did costume designer Keri Smith include two of my favorite colorblock sweaters this season on Penny and Jane, but it also included a snarky reference to Scandal and an out of place slow clap.

Couple that with a racist parrot, a burder (that’s a bird murder, I just made that up, btw.) and more RomCom jokes than Not Another Teen Movie and the addition of Happy Endings on Sundays is the perfect chaser to Revenge.

Or as I like to think of it: Alias: the Lifetime Movie.

See what else has been worn on Happy Endings

janeScreen Shot 2013-01-07 at 9.54.08 AM

Jane’s colorblock sweater

J Brand (on sale!)

5 thoughts on “Happy Endings fashion: Jane and Penny colorblock sweaters

  1. Sharon

    Any chance you know where to get Penny’s necklace in the photo above?

    1. Anonymous

      Giles and Brother.
      Revolve clothing.com

  2. Marlene

    Whhhaaattt??? It’s on twice a week??? Thank goodness I read your website or I would not have known!! LOVE this show!

  3. Nikki

    Do you happen to know where I can find the light gray blazer Penny was wearing at the beginning of last night’s episode (1/8/13)? Love it, thanks!

    1. Dana Weiss

      It’s Helmut Lang. I’ll have the whole episode recap tomororw.

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