Happy Endings Fashion: Penny’s blue engagement dress


Penny’s Happy Endings fashion lace engagement party dress

Dolce Vita

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You probably don’t know this about me but I stalk Casey Wilson on Twitter.

Like Penny, I tend to fall down, offer way too much information and invent words  for my own use. Also I’m self-centered, loud and I have loved the blue Dolce Vita dress she wore to her engagement party for almost as long as Penny has known Pete.

And since I can no longer differentiate between reality and fantasy, I think Casey Wilson is actually Penny, and I tweet her regularly.

Because that’s what Penny would do.

See what else Penny, Alex and Jane wore on Happy Endings.

Editor’s note: It was driving me CRAZY because I knew I had seen Jane’s dress before. I just spent the last hour googling asymmetrical hem dresses and finally Bingo! I found Jane’s 3/4 sleeve blue hi low dress on Naomi from 9021o her. So here’s her dress. Which I LOVE.

pennyjaneNaomi's blue dress

Naomi Clark’s long sleeve blue high low hem dress

Twenty 8 Twelve

See it at ShopBop

First seen on Naomi on 90210 here

2 thoughts on “Happy Endings Fashion: Penny’s blue engagement dress

  1. I just ordered this dress! I can't wait to get it! I am gonna need some serious help with what to wear under.
  2. Trisha ongyerth

    Are you able to ID the dress Alex wore to the engagement party as well?

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