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Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s crystal statement necklace on the View 1/24/13

See it at JCrew

Please help me find out where to buy the statement necklace that Elisabeth Hasselbeck had on the View yesterday (1/24/2012) . It consisted of black and pink/purple rhinestones/jewels. II could be a Kate Spade or JCrew. but I looked an couldn’t find it. Help! – Cheryl


These days it seems Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the reigning queen of statement necklaces.

She wears more bibs than the patrons at Damon’s: The Place for Ribs.

And while her diet may be gluten free, her jewelry box is sweeter than a candy store.

Check out what else Elisabeth Hasselbeck wore on the View.


2 thoughts on “Elisabeth Hasselbeck necklace on the view

  1. Cerise

    That gold bubble necklace is gorgeous, but I can’t spend that much for “epoxy stones.” Talk about an oxymoron.

  2. Tiffany Victoria

    I love this!

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