Elisabeth Hasselbeck crystal necklace on the view

Elisabeth Hasselbeck crystal necklace on the view

Elisabeth Hasselbeck crystal necklace on the view

See it at J Crew

Today – Tues Jan 8th … OMG – the statement necklace that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has on … where can I find it??? – Lyn

It’s shocking to me that anyone noticed what Elisabeth Hasselbeck wore on the View today.

I was too busy staring at Bradley Cooper.

That’s one “View” I’ll never get tired of looking at.

11 thoughts on “Elisabeth Hasselbeck crystal necklace on the view

  1. shwetasays

    Boo! At $268 not in my budget for costume jewellery.

    1. Anonymous

      Where did u find it???

      1. Anonymous

        Found it at JCrew $228.00
        Flower lattice necklace

    2. b

      Where did you find it???

  2. Katie

    Bauble Bar has a great “look for less” option- it’s called the Snow Cluster Collar. It’s sold out right now, but they restock their products all the time and you can get on the “Wait list” and they will email you when it’s back in stock.

  3. Wifey

    Who was the designer of the dress?

  4. Olivia

    I was also wondering about who designed her blue dress with the tiered skirt and keyhole back.

  5. Pat Herrmann

    Please, tell about the pointed collar bib “crystal” necklace Elizabeth has been wearing. She wore it today February 12 2013. I have looked everywhere!

    1. Shirley in NJ

      It was from C Wonder in NYC…think it’s wonderstore.com???

      I also found a relatively similar one at Forever 21 … rhinestone pointed collar necklace

  6. Rebecca

    Does anyone know anything about the necklace she is wearing on 17/6/13? ( aired in Australia 18/6/13). It is a black, silver, neon, electric blue crystal on rope necklace? Love it!!

    1. Paula

      I want to know too…anyone?

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