Carrie Diaries style: heart print tank


Carrie Diaries style

Carrie’s heart print tank

Marc Jacobs

See it at Net A Porter

Also seen here on Client List

Also seen here on Glee

It seems like Eric Daman has a heart on for Marc Jacobs. His little must Anna Sophia Robb and her friends Not-Charlotte, Not-Miranda and definitely Not-Samantha are all spotted throughout the season of the Carrie Diaries rocking the 80’s inspired line.

And in a not-coincidence, both Rachel Berry and Riley from Client List have both worn the same Marc Jacobs heart print frock on their respective shows. Which isn’t entirely a surprise, since, like Carrie, one aspires to move to New York.

And the other is a bit of a whore.

Check out the Carrie Diaries on the CW on Monday, January 14.

Are you excited for the Carrie Diaries? Will you be watching? Let me know if you want to see fashion of Carrie Diaries covered on Possessionista in the comments below

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  1. Maria

    I will be watching and I would love for you to review/reveal the fashions! Thanks Dana!

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