Carrie Diaries style: Carrie’s sweaters Lie With Me

Carrie Diaries heart sweaterCarrie Diaries heart sweater

Carrie Diaries style heart sweater

French Connection

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I am so happy I didn’t meet Carrie Bradshaw before she was an adult.

The New York Carrie who stands by her friends, chain smokes and drinks cosmopolitans is a much better version than her teenaged self, all full of angst and Aussie scrunch spray. Who ever thought that the girl we all wanted to grow up to be started out as that self-absorbed friend who cancels on you for a boy?

Yes, I’m pretty sure if I met Carrie Bradshaw in high school we would never be friends.

Then again, I’m not sure if she met me as adults whether she’d be that enamored with my collection of Steve Maddens.

Check out what else Anna Sophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw wore on The Carrie Diaires

Carrie Diaries fashionCarrie Diaries style

Carrie Diaries pencil sweater

Urban outfitters




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