Bachelor Fashion: Lesley pink lace episode 3

bachelor fashionBachelor pink lace dress

Leslie’s pink lace open back dress


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Also available in black on sale at 6 PM

It’s week three of the Bachelor, and it seems that all the girls have pretty much given up wearing pants in the relationship.

Or at all.

As their desperation grows, their skirts keep shrinking. At the end of the Guiness Book of World Records kissing, I was afraid Lesley might flash her world record.


The volleyball losers went home barefooted and bottomless into the minivan of sadness.

After landing at the bottom of the Bachelor Mansion stairs with a bang (not involving Sean) Tierra seemed to have entirely forgotten to put on her pants.

And when they took over Great America, AshLee wore little more than a sunflower embroidered doily.

So props to Sarah who once again nailed the rose ceremony – this time in a hi-low fuchsia gown by Naven.

Which covered her entire book of world records.

Check out what else the girls wore on the Bachelor. Want more of tonight’s Bachelor fashion? Check back, I’ll be updating this tomorrow. Want something you saw the Bachelor girls wear on TV? Leave it in the comments below.

Bachelor Pink DressBachelor Rose Ceremony Dress

Sarah’s hot pink hi-low maxi dress


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sarahBachelor Fashion

Sarah’s blue support your local artist tank

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lace dress bachelorThe Bachelor Lace Dress Ashlee

AshLee Frazier lace flower dress

Free People

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 desBachelor style and fashion

Des’ flare open back tank dress

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Bachelor fashionoriginal

Kacie B’s tribal mini skirt

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bachelor fashionBachelor fashion and style

Catherine’s striped strapless black and white dress

White House Black Market

kaciebbachelor dresss

Kacie B neon panel colorblock dress


bachelor lesley white dressleslie23206_BL7704

Lesley’s white cap sleeve dress

Ali Ro See it on Amazon

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 amandaBachelor style

Amanda’s one sleeve red rose ceremony dress

Jay Godfrey

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 ashleenecklaceTHE Bachelor fashion

AshLee Frazier statement necklace on the Bachelor

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selma selma2

Selma’s polka dot rose dress

Stop Staring

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  1. I LOVED the dress Des wore at the rose ceremony–any chance you could tell me where to find it? Thanks!!

  2. Where can I find the embroidered flower dress worn by Ashley at great America

  3. Please tell me where AshLee’s sunflower embroidered doily is from!! :)

  4. Who designed the swimsuits the girls wore for the beach volleyball game?

  5. Where is Ashlee’s white flowery/lacy dress from?

  6. Ashlee’s white doily dress!!

  7. Can you please ID Lesley M’s necklace from the rose ceremony? Thanks!

  8. Dana Smeade says:

    Where did the girls who played beach volley ball on tonight’s bachelor, get them. What was the brand?

  9. Erica Smithers says:

    Need to know where the sunflower dress is from!!

  10. Can you please ID AshLee’s necklace and Kacie B.’s dress both worn at the ceremony?

  11. Kacie’s rose ceremony dress! Loved it! I want it.

  12. Lindsay’s nail polish color from group date when she gets the rose!

  13. I loved Sarah’s neon pink maxi dress from the Bachelor… where to find the Naven dress? Thanks!

  14. Love Lesley’s dress so upset its not being sold anymore!

  15. Want to know where to find thea white flower dress that Ashlee Frazier wore on The Bachelor on Jan 21. Thanks!

  16. Gina Woodall says:

    Would love to know the brand of the bathing suits the girls were wearing tonight.

  17. Please tell me where Kacie B got her black and white skirt from??? Thanks!!

  18. I want to know what the lipgloss ashlee was wearing on her date.. soo cute!!!
    ps, I HATED kacie’s rose ceremony dress!

  19. Yes! AshLee’s statement necklace at the rose ceremony!! Obsessed! :)

  20. Would like to know where to purchase Sarah’s hot pink dress, it is not on the Naven website.

  21. AshLee Fraziers light floral dress was beautiful, also, Selmas black floral dress at the rose ceremony was gorgeous too! Does anyone know where to get them?

  22. found ashLees dress, but its sold out everywhere. its free people brand. the style is almost famous in pink sand. Good luck finding….

  23. Do you know what brand Sean’s swim trunks during the beach volleyball game are?

  24. I would like to know the brand of the gold sparkly ring Lesley had on during her one-one date. It was on her left hand, I think middle finger. You can really see it when they sit down on a couch and talk (before he gave her the rose).

  25. Anonymous says:

    Where can you find the Hot Pink (Fushia) hi-low dress that Sarah wore? It is not on the Naven website and zero results show up when you Google it.


  26. Jackie Sullivan says:

    Do you know where Leslie’s white dress and necklace from the rose ceremony are from?

  27. The dress Catherine wore at the rose ceremony is White House Black Market, i own it! :)

  28. Dying to know where the bathing suits in the episode were from. Please hunt them down and let us know!

  29. Robyn’s rose ceremony earrings were the Stella & Dot Felicity Hoops!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Where is Lesley M’s white rose ceremony dress from?

  31. Anonymous says:

    The website you have that is supposed to have Sarah’s hot pink dress does not have it. Do you know where it can be found?

  32. I loved Tera’s fringed black and whit top worn in episode 2. I would love to find it.

  33. Anonymous says:

    where were tiara’s bracelets from on episode 3 when she fell down the stairs?

  34. what nail polish was lindsey wearing at the party following the volleyball game? it was sort of greyish…

  35. Did anyone else notice that Kacie wore that same orange blouse when she took Ben home on The Bachelor?! Also, her rose ceremony dress was awful, not to mention the neon green hair scrunchie!

  36. Dana- Did you actually like Kacie’s scuba suit?! She usually nails her looks, but really?!

  37. Where is Lesley’s middle finger ring from (its quite long on her finger) she wore on her one on one date? In love with the ring.

  38. i forgot her name but she went home last night and at the rose ceremony she wore a black open back dress. it was to die for and i would love to know where i can get one please!!!! it was amazing!

  39. I am noticing a LOT of short, white lacy dresses this spring – & have shopped online for many of the above mentioned ones – then I walked into my local Target this morning and holy cow there was THE cutest short, white lacy dress! It fit super cute, and was only &24.99! On the Target website, it is only listed in green, but my store had it in white!

  40. Mackenzie says:

    I’m in love with kristy’s black dress with the open back! Any way you could ID that one?

  41. I’d love to find out where Amanda got her black sparkly vintage looking dress from tonight’s show! Thx Dana. Keep up the good work! ;)

  42. Hi! Love your blog! Please, take a look at Ashlee’s Navy (?) blazer she wore at the end of her one-on-one date on the 3rd episode. It had littel gold buttons on the sleeves. Thanks!

  43. I would love to find Ashlee’s long sleeve scoop back dress that she wore this week at the rose ceremony. Thanks!

  44. I loved the girls fashion tonight down in the Caribbean! Any help on Lesley’s white dress she wore to the rose ceremony? Thanks!

  45. Who makes Leslie’s white maxi dress with the rainbow stripes on the bottom that she wore for the rose ceremony when she was sent home?

  46. Can you help me find the hot pink skirt Leslie wore on the 2/11/13 episode (on her one-on-one date)? Thanks!

  47. Can someone tell me what color nail polish AshLee was wearin last night on the bachelor?? It was a purple of some sort. Please! Thank you

  48. I am also wondering about Leslie’s rainbow & white maxi from the 2/11 episode! Thank you!!

  49. Where can I find the purple dress that AshLee wore at the hometown week rose ceremony?

  50. Another one wondering about the White Maxi Dress with rainbow straps worn by Leslie….

  51. It would be AMAZING if you could find where leslie’s coral maxi skirt is from that she wore on her one on one date before hometowns.
    ps. This blog is fabulous!

  52. I was wondering what brand/where to buy Lesley’s military black coat?

  53. Hi I would love to know where Ashley Fraziers dress was from
    At the rose ceremony where she got sent home and I would also like to know where Catherine giudici got her white dress on the fantasy suite date! Thank you!!!

  54. I loved the purple bathing suit that Lindsay Yenter was wearing at the Beach Volleyball game. Anyone have any idea what brand suit that is?


  55. PolkaDottedTee Fan says:

    Can anyone tell me what brand/or store the sheer blue polka dotted shirt Catherine wore with a white tank is/is from???

  56. I am looking for Ashlee Cara multi stone statement necklace I borrowed the same one from my friend and it broke I am desperate to replace it if anyone knows where to get it or has it and Would be willing to sell it please let me know

  57. On tonight’s show. Feb 24. Monday. Where did niki get her white lace blouse. Love!!!!

  58. Can u tell me where niki on the feb 24 show where she got that white lace blouse she had on at the first of the show? Thanks!

  59. The outfits in Bali, particulaly Becca’s combination were so beautiful. Where can I order from
    Thank you!

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