Bachelor Fashion: Episode 4


On last night’s Bachelor, we got to see Sean Lowe’s ladies decked in their finest leggings and gym shoes. With dates to the roller derby and rock climbing, Sean’s girlfriends are getting mighty comfortable – at least when it comes to Bachelor fashion.

Sure, the dates may test the women’s fortitude and ability to venture outside their comfort zone, but I think Sean is missing one of the best parts of dating:  the clothes. What woman doesn’t love putting on a cute outfit, doing her hair or having her makeup done in anticipation of seeing a cute guy she’s just started dating. (And his 11 other girlfriends.)

Seriously, Sean, there’s plenty of time for sweatpants and tee shirts.

It’s called marriage.

Check out what else the ladies of Sean Lowe’s season of the Bachelor wore.

desBachelor dress

Des colorblock lace trim magenta dress

See it at Frederick’s

Bachelor dresscatherine-bachelor

Catherine’s one shoulder print dress

BCBG (2010)

SEe it on eBay

robyn pink blush dressPink dress on Bachelor

Robyn’s blush, accordian dress

BCBG Edita Dress

Amanda2Bachelor fashion

Amanda’s flapper beaded tank dress and crystal necklace


See it at Zappos

sarahnecklaceSarah Bachelor neckalce

Sarah’s rose ceremony  necklace

Luv AJ (on sale!)

See more from this designer on Amazon

tierraringTierra Bachelor Ring

Tierra’s one shoulder dress and pave ring

Ring: Forever 21 (similar)


Sarah Pink DressBachelor dress Sarah

Sarah’s tulle and lace date dress

Exact: ASOS

Similar: Anthropologie

27 thoughts on “Bachelor Fashion: Episode 4

  1. Megan

    Some of the girls consistently look good, like Sarah I feel I usually like what she wears. But in general, this Bachelor season these girls just aren’t up to par with some of the other seasons! Am I right?

    1. Jessica

      totally agree!

  2. Sara

    Does anyone know the designer of the tie that Sean is wearing in this episode? I want to get it for my boyfriend!

    And Megan, you are absolutely correct!

  3. Kp

    Do you know the designer of the skirt Amanda is wearing when she gets back from the hospital?

    1. Dana Weiss

      Eva Franco

  4. Whitney Fields
  5. Kristi Rankens

    Sarah’s tribal necklace is sold out, but Stella & Dot has a very similar one:

  6. Brittany

    Do we know where the blue sweater is from that I think AshLee wore when the girls were lounging? Its sort of a mesh or cross pattern.

  7. rachael

    I have been consistently loving Sarah’s outfits – and her hair/fishtail braid deal is perfection!

  8. Katie

    Does anyone happen to know where to find Catherine’s dress from the group date which aired last night? It was white / offwhite.

    1. Dana Weiss

      She didn’t remember and was checking when she gets home.

  9. carin

    Seriously, Sean, there’s plenty of time for sweatpants and tee shirts. It’s called marriage.


  10. Susie

    Loved that accordion dress of Robyn’s and Sarah’s rose ceremony necklace and dress – any idea on the dress ID? She’s consistently looked great this season, but I can’t say the same for some of the others unfortunately.

    1. Possessionista

      Sarah’s dress was Blaque Label on sale here

  11. Cora

    Which of the girls does Sarah’s hair? She has the chic-est and cutest braids! With one arm she’s just as able bodied as most of us in general… but would be sooo surprised (and impressed!) if she is doing her own braids!!

    1. Dana Weiss

      Cora I was wondering that too. I can’t imagine that someone can braid with one hand – but it wouldn’t surprise me. She’s a remarkable woman.

  12. Bree

    I’m not a huge fan of Tierra but I’d love to know what lipstick/lipgloss she wears. It looks like a light pink. Anyone know? Thanks!

    1. Keri

      I like it too!

    2. Patty

      I was wondering the same thing. Her lips are ridiculously glossy, her personality…not so much. Dana, any help on the lip gloss?

  13. Kelsey

    Anyone know where I can get an off should sweater like AshLee was wearing on the group date last night? I loved it!!!

    1. Amy P

      I second this ask. The off the shoulder sweater was adorable and I need it.

  14. Robin

    Does anyone know where Sarah’s workout tank was from that she wore during the roller derby? The hot pink with blue stripes. Adorable!

    1. Lindsay

      Agree! Would love to find that!

      1. Suzanne

        Sarah’s top was Nike, I’ve seen it in running stores and sporting goods stores like Academy and Dicks within the past 6 months.

  15. sarah

    I am also wondering about Ashlee’s off the shoulder sweater and ? leather pants, any ideas anyone? She looked amazing!

  16. Sarah

    I was wondering about the multi-stone ring that Lindsay wore on the group date during the cocktail hour……….loved it!

    1. Sara

      Me too!
      Just came here looking for that! Dana help us out!
      Also, Robyn has the best style this season in my opinion!

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