Bachelor Fashion: Dresses worn on the premiere of Sean Lowe as Bachelor


I would like to tell you that I hope Sean Lowe is happy with his journey on the Bachelor. That I hope he finds love. And I hope that each of his 27 women ends up fulfilled.

But that would be a lie.

Because I don’t actually care if Sean finds love. All I care about is myself, and it’s clear from these pictures that not one of Sean Lowe’s 25 bachelorettes (save for Kacie Boguskie) has ever read Possessionista. Because if she had, she would most certainly NOT be wearing these Bride of Frankenstein prom dresses to what is arguably the most important night in their whole famewhoring lives. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Now I know some of you will say that I should be nice. That these women are here to find love. But to that I say…


This is the Bachelor, where nobody is there for the right reasons, and most of them aren’t even wearing the right shoes to go with the wrong reasons.

In the wise words of Chris Bukowski, these are 27 grown ass women who put themselves on national television.

And they chose these dresses all by themselves.

The good:


robynScreen Shot 2013-01-07 at 1.56.49 PM

Robyn Howard pink sequin dress from the Bachelor

Badgley Mischka

See it at Nordstrom

Beautiful. This is how it’s done. She looks like a lady.


Fashion designer Desiree Hartstock red dress on the bachelor

Self-designed (What do you mean this isn’t Project Runway?)

lesleymScreen Shot 2013-01-07 at 8.56.35 PM

Leslie M beaded shoulder dress

Catherine Deane Mercier Dress

See it at Shopbop

catherinecatherine dress the bachelor

Catherine’s black, sequin dress

Adrianna Pappell

See it (on sale) at Nordstrom

amandaScreen Shot 2013-01-07 at 9.01.52 PM

Amanda’s black and white dress


See it (on sale) at Saks Fifth Avenue


Sarah’s white Dress on the Bachelor

Alice and Olivia

See it at: Revolve


Dianna skirt from the Bachelor

Custom skirt by Natalie Malan

Bachelor style

KAcie B mesh dress

Brian Lichtenberg

First seen on Jaclyn Swartz on Bachelor Pad

The eh:

ashleefScreen Shot 2013-01-07 at 10.07.32 PM

Ashlee F

eDress Me

Thanks Alex


Lacey’s sequin dress



Ashley P black sequin dress

Christiane LaRue










Black by Tammy Jackson



Leslie’s dress on the bachelor

It’s from Cache. I mean, I can’t even.

The hell no:


Ashley H turquoise dress

Arielle called. She wants her costume back. Uh. Hell no.


Kelly’s white beaded dress

Uh, hell no


Lindsay’s wedding dress

I’m just happy this wasn’t her actual wedding. Because this dress. Woof.

Uh, hell no


Daniella’s bedazzled ace bandage

Uh, hell no


Katie’s cut out monokini

Uh, hell no

What did you think of this year’s Bachelor fashion? Who were you picks for best and worst? Let me know in the comments below.  Don’t forget to check back for everything worn on the Bachelor

42 thoughts on “Bachelor Fashion: Dresses worn on the premiere of Sean Lowe as Bachelor

  1. Marina

    What designer was Paige wearing??

  2. Kelsey

    Where was Kacie B’s dress from?!

  3. Dawn

    I loved Kelly’s earrings on the first episode! Can you find out where they came from? Amanda’s black and white dress was pretty, and it’s a good thing….
    Worst was that blue number Taryn wore – yuck. Wasn’t she shown sitting down and hanging all out of that bodice?
    I love Kacie and of course she looked awesome!

  4. Liah

    I liked anything that didn’t resemble prom fashions. Kacie B looked amazing in the mesh dress showing off her enviable legs. And I liked Sarah’s white number. But then again I liked Sarah as a person, so maybe that’s why I like what she wore.

  5. Dee

    Who designed the wedding dress that Desiree tried on in the bridal salon???

    1. Lauren

      Agree! I absolutely loved it – any idea where she works or the designer of that dress?!

  6. Jen

    HAHA most of the dresses were awful. Kacie B looked the best!

  7. Amanda

    Thanks so much for posting this. I am happy to see I am not the only one so interested in what these girls wear. I have to say I loved Diana’s skirt, I wish there was more information on it. I looked up Natalie Malan, but did not find a designer. I would so buy that skirt in a heartbeat!

  8. Kelsey

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but think the ENTIRE time that Desiree found a “knock off” of Kate Middleton’s Turquoise Jenny Packham dress shown here:

    Don’t get me wrong, it was gorgeous, but for being self-designed, she should have had a more “out of the box” idea for her first impression on Sean and America.

    1. Lola

      Agreed – but I want a knockoff one!

      Dana, any chance you could do similar (cheaper) items like this and Kate’s?

    2. Megan

      The second I saw Desiree’s dress I thought it was the same dress that Blake Lively wore in the Season 6 premiere of Gossip Girl (white with yellow accents), just in red!

  9. Brianna

    Thought Tierra was incredibly annoying but her dress was actually decent! Curious about hers

  10. Liz

    Love your posting! Your commentary was spot on!!! I think the worst dress of the night was the blue little mermaid dress-ewwwww!!!!!

  11. Brenda

    Can you find out where the pink necklace that Ashley (the organizer) was wearing during her kindof hometown interview. She was wearing it with a bright pink v-neck tee.
    Hilarious comments. It makes watching it so much more enjoyable!

  12. Susie

    So, SO glad The Bachelor is back so that we can read your commentary on the sartorial choices of the contestants. I think the dresses last night were some of the worst ever … you are right that clearly these ladies haven’t read Possessionista (yet).

    Sea and Swank

  13. Jen

    you are so funny! loved this post!

  14. Megan

    Thank god I wasn’t the only one sitting in front of her tv gagging last night. I’m like, are they “punking” Sean with these dresses and then coming back out later looking good?? WOW. I agree there were a few girls that looked good, Kacie B especially, her dress was by far my fave. I guess she learned something by being on the Bachelor already. In fact, in addition to it being my fave dress from last night, I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen Kacie wear! Other than that, hopefully these girls’ fashion gets better in the following episodes!!

  15. Cerise

    Uh, hell no. 🙂

  16. wanda dorsey williams

    I just love Robyn Howards gown.. just beautiful.. ( With her in it).

    1. Renee

      I agree Wanda!!

      1. Dana Weiss

        Me too. It was my favorite of the night. And the fact that she did a back walkover and never shower her knickers…brava!

  17. Anonymous

    Hahahah I love this!!

  18. Emily Jensen

    hahaha! Love this! What were the producers even thinking about bringing on Ashley H?! Desiree and Robyn have my vote for best dressed!
    BTW, Kacie B’s dress is a repeat…she wore it out at a bar in TN one night last fall.

  19. Kelly

    That dress on Leslie is NOT from Cache. Where can I get it?

    1. Dana Weiss

      I was told it’s Cache. And she tweeted that it was from her prom.

  20. Martha

    I think the link to Catherine’s dress is wrong – wasn’t her dress strapless and floor-length?

  21. Meg

    Loved Lesley the politician’s dress! Love her too 🙂

  22. Meg

    I thought Catherine’s was long too… Could be wrong. Desiree did have a pretty dress but it wasn’t my cup of tea. Leslie M was my favorite dress. And Kacie, but Lesley’s I would actually wear 🙂 Spoilers indicate a surprise, IMO

  23. Dana Weiss

    I was 100% WRONG about Catherine’s dress. It is Jovani, but you guys are right, it was long. Sequin on top only. I’ll update tomorrow. xo you guys, seriously. Love you all.

  24. Meghan

    JMO, For someone who is suppose to have such good Christain values, the dress Kacie wore said otherwise. It made her look like a desperate harlot.

  25. Anonymous

    A desperate harlot? Just because Kacie B. is a Christian does not mean she cannot look sexy. She worked that dress and we only wish our legs could look like hers!

  26. Cindy

    What? A desperate harlot? Just because Kacie B. is a Christian does not mean she cannot look sexy! She worked that dress and we only wish our legs looked like hers! You go Kacie B.! You looked damn sexy and I still know you love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  27. Meghan

    Didn’t say Kacie or a Christain shouldn’t dress or look sexy. Have no problem with that. Kacie’s dress left nothing to the imigination. Nor did I say that Kacie didn’t love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  28. Laura

    So I’ll admit I actually own Leslie’s dress…..but from a wedding I went to in 2002 when I was in sophmore in HIGH SCHOOL!! I mean…outdated a bit?

    1. Dana Weiss

      She commented that it was her prom dress – so it probably was from 2002…


  29. Tiffany

    I agree with all the dresses you liked and didn’t like. Loved one arm girl’s & Kacie’s dress, but not on Kacie. I agree, for her trying to appear as such a goodie good christian girl…she sure left nothing to the imagination. Isn’t there a saying that a true lady, southern belle’s knows if she wears a low cut top, you won’t be showing off your bottom half, upper thighs as well. I mean she just screamed desperation with that dress and I think it had a lot to do with her looking like she still has an eating disorder. She was very unhealthy looking. What kind of example does that set for young ladies when someone starve’s them self that much to be on TV? Her legs, arms and waist need a little more meat on them so she can look healthy again and not so sickly and I honestly am not trying to be mean. I love skinny people, but she is unattractively boney:( Also that pic above is a pic from the site where the dress is sold. Did you not have a pic of Kacie in it? Bc if you had that up you’d understand my concern:( Really hope KC gets well soon:)

  30. Brooke

    I really like Tierra’s watch from the second episode. Do we know where that came from? It’s silver with a white face and it looks like there are rhinestones around the face… Thanks!

  31. Katie

    Lesley M wore an awesome chain style statement necklace in her hometown interview. I’ve been trying to find… any ideas???

  32. inigocook

    The information in your blog is very informative. Keep up the good work.

  33. kristi

    Here’s a link to a store that carries the same dress Kacie B wore in episode 1. They also have it in fuchsia. It’s on sale for $19.99. There isn’t an online store but if you call the store they ship anything

  34. Margie

    You got them from good to blah!

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