AshLee Frazier lace dress from the Bachelor

The Bachelor Lace Dress Ashlee
Ashlee Frazier wears a Free People Lace Medallion Shift on her date with Sean Lowe.

Part of why I started Possessionista is because I love TV.

But part of why I started Possessionista is because I couldn’t find stuff that I was looking for. I’d google it. I’d research it. I’d call clothing designers and beg them to rerun stuff.

So I feel your pain.

A lot of you have mentioned how sad you are that the Ashlee Frazier lace dress from the Bachelor is out of stock.

Others of you (like me) hated the dress and wanted some suggestions for other white dresses.

And some of you asked me to put my money where my mouth is and actually show you what I think would be better.

I scoured the Internet looking for an affordable, available andย  -in my opinion – an attractiver (yes, not a word, but it’s all about the alliteration.) version of AshLee’s lace sunflower dress. I love this under $100 option (also by Free People) with a similar, breezy silhouette, but more delicate lace. It looks more like an easy sundress, and less like a needlepoint pillow.

And also, it’s still in stock.

lace sleeveless dress

Free People Tone on Tone striped lace dress


See it at Cusp


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15 thoughts on “AshLee Frazier lace dress from the Bachelor

  1. Jennifer

    I said on Twitter this looked like she was re-wearing her first Communion dress.

  2. stacey

    I tried on that lace dress from FP back in December b/c I liked it on a co-worker. was horrible on me! I have to say with a long sleeve tee and tights, booties it looks cute (same said co-worker who had it on first and made me want to give it a try). It also came in black.

  3. Jessie

    I LOVED her shoes…any ideas on those? I think that is where her outfit shone best.

  4. Bachelor Blogger

    Dana, I was just going to ask you this question about AshLee’s dress. Thanks!

  5. Megan

    I agree with u about AshLee’s dress, it was awful, and it’s rare for me to say something bad about Free People bc I love their style and most of their clothes! But I’m just not into the lace “needlepoint” pillow look as u called it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ To be honest, I feel like the dress above is cute, but would be cuter as a shirt if I bought it in a smaller size and hemmed it lol or if worn with tights. I wouldn’t wear a dress that short by itself, too much risk of exposure!!!

  6. Britta

    It looks like one of the big designers in the upcoming Project Runway season is also wearing this dress. Didn’t like it on Ashlee but think it’s much cuter on the Project Runway promos ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. ali

    What was the dress Kacie B was wearing at the end. I can’t find it anywhere!

    1. Megan

      If u mean the neon colorblock dress with the yellow zip back it was Bebe, not sure if its still available tho…

  8. Cerise

    That other option looks a bit like a nightie to me. And it doesn’t have much shape.
    But I agree with you about AshLee’s dress. It looks like needlepoint and appeared kind of stiff looking. Did the producers tell her she would be on a date where she’d be walking a lot? Her heels were not appropriate for that kind of date.

  9. Alex

    I loved both of her shoes too. Any idea on those?

  10. Stephanie

    Any idea where I can find AshLee’s bikini from st croix? Pink top, black bottom?

  11. Stef

    Hi there! Is there any chance you would know where to get or who makes the python print bikini Ashlee wore during the cave swim on yesterday’s episode??

  12. Mary

    Where can I find the white dress Lindsay wore in Thailand?

  13. Rachelle

    Where can I find the purple dress AshLee got eliminated in?!?

  14. Daryl

    Available in pink and black on Hautelook

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