Allison Williams sweater dress on Mindy Project

I’m not going to go into the whole thing about why I worship Allison Williams and I love her on Girls and I love her even more as Eye Patch on Mindy Project because all you care about is the sweater dress that she wore at the cocktail party and also, I think her story arc is over. So here’s the dress.


click here for the rest of the clothes worn on Mindy Project this week

and the rest of the Mindy Project style this season

Allison Williams dress Mindy project

Allison Williams dress from Mindy Project


See it on MEGA MEGA SALE  at Bloomingdales

(seriously. cashmere and cheap.)


2 thoughts on “Allison Williams sweater dress on Mindy Project

  1. Kate

    Thanks so much for posting!

  2. Jackie

    I know its generally NOT your forte, but by any chance do you know the nailpolish she was wearing, when she had the Aqua dress on?

    Thanks <3

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