Zoe Hart Polka Dot Sweater: Hart of Dixie

 Zoe Hart Polka Dot SweaterHart of Dixie style polka dot sweater

Hart of Dixie style

Zoe Hart’s brown polka dot sweater

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Who says a tiger can’t change her stripes, er, spots.

Last night our favorite neurotic New Yorker Zoe Hart finally took a leap of faith and plunged heart first into the shallow gene pool otherwise known as Wade Cansella.

They say the course of true love never did run smoothly.

But, then again, neither do most of Blue Bell’s family trees, either

Check out more clothes worn on Hart of Dixie. Looking for Zoe Hart’s Red Blazer?


7 thoughts on “Zoe Hart Polka Dot Sweater: Hart of Dixie

  1. Georgina

    What about the jeans she wore with her sweater? And the earrings she wore at the square with her Opening Ceremony green patterned dress?

    1. possessionista

      Mother JEans

  2. Lindsey

    What about Lemon’s metallic tie front blouse??

    1. possessionista

      Marc Jacobs. XO D

  3. Sarah

    Trying to apply promo code “CHEERS”. Says it cannot be applied and I need to review the details of the promo code “CHEERS”.
    That sucks!!

  4. Julia

    Have you been able to ID that stunning green & black dress she wore in this ep? It was amazing!

  5. Anonymous

    Try promo code MERRY for 30% off!! Just bought the sweater for 60$!

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