Vampire Diaries Fashion: My Brothers Keeper style

I don’t know about you guys, but I think the thing that makes the Salvatore brothers hottest is when they’re not connected to Elena Gilbert.

I know that generally we want what we can’t have, but in the case of the Vampire Diaries, I actually find the available Salvatore brother the most attractive.

And (finally) after months of being “team Damon,” I’m suddenly, inexplicably drawn to single Stefan, who is no longer the goodie goodie dishrag I’ve grown to resent.

Which, I suppose, is exactly what Elena probably wants.

So maybe I’m sired to her.

Or maybe she just makes dudes really, really boring.

Love the Vampire Diaries style? Check out what else Elena and Caroline are wearing on The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaires Caroline fashionVampire Diaries fashion

Caroline Forbes gold brocade sleeveless dress

Vampire Diaries fashion


Elena Vampire Diaries styleVampire Diaries Fashion

Vampire Diaries Fashion

Elena’s black lace cap sleeve dress

Vampire Diaries fashion


  1. Do you know where the earrings Elena has on are from?

  2. What about that more casual dress Elena was wearing?? Kinda purply-blue :)

  3. What about Caroline’s outfit in the beginning.

  4. Celebrity styles are just awesome ..
    Everybody wants to look like them ..

  5. Where can i find out what the Salvatore brothers are wearing

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