Scandal Fashion: Olivia’s white dress and wrap sweater

Kerry Washington wrap sweaterKerry Washington wrap sweater scandal

Scandal Fashion

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope’s camel wrap sweater

Ralph Lauren Blue Collection

See it here: FarFetch

Sure, there are similarities between Scandal and fellow Shonda Rimes created Grey’s Anatomy. The clever writing. The over the top drama. The star crossed lovers.

But that’s where the similarities end.

Because unlike Meredith Grey, Olivia Pope can make a decision, washes her hair every day, and is way too smart to shove her hand inside a dead body to keep a bomb from detonating.

Still, don’t dismiss Meredith Grey completely. She’s living in a dream trailer with Patrick Dempsey.

And Olivia Pope’s crying in the First Lady’s closet.

Though, to be fair, I’d probably rather live in the closet than an airstream.

Check out what else Olivia Pope wore on Scandal

Scandal Fashion
Olivia Pope in Jean Fares. Photo c/o Jean Fares FAcebook page

Fun fact: Jean Fares also designed most of Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette dresses. this is my favorites one. What about you? Weight in in the comments.



dress from scandal

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5 thoughts on “Scandal Fashion: Olivia’s white dress and wrap sweater

  1. Megan

    Olivia’s dress was not only my favorite piece I’ve ever seen her wear, I think it tops all the bachelorette dresses that jean fares did as well. So gorgeous I emailed right away asking about it (thanks for the quick response Dana 🙂 ). That dress was just so beautiful, but also so perfect for Olivia.

    1. Dana Weiss

      I totally agree. It was impeccable olivia, and makes me wonder why I didn’t like Emily’s dresses bettter…

  2. Team Huck

    Huck is totally innocent, who is in with me on team Huck, get your “Free Huck” tee shirts at

  3. Dorothy

    I loved the white sheath with the wide black band on last Thursdays episode of Scandal. Who is that designer?

    1. Ellen olenska

      The white sheath is Michael Kors from this spring/summer. Was available in red as well…

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