Sage’s druzy necklaces on Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Sage Necklaces

Sage’s jeweled necklaces (similar pictured)

Meira T

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There are at least a few of us who’d love to know who makes Sage’s necklaces from Gossip Girl. Thanks! 🙂 – Em

Possessionista here, your one and only source into the scandalous price tags of Gossip Girl Fashion.

Gossip Girl’s resident shit stirrer Sage is good at two things.

Causing trouble.

And wearing necklaces.

Look out, Georgina. Looks like there’s a new girl in town looking to spice up the lives of your least favorite Upper East Siders.

And she’s got the name, and the collection of statement jewelry, to back it up.

You know you love me.





2 thoughts on “Sage’s druzy necklaces on Gossip Girl

  1. em

    Thank you!! Way, way out of my price range but such gorgeous pieces!

  2. Mickey Lynn

    Love Meira T. !
    If you like Sage’s styling, you should check out my designs at Mickey Lynn Jewelry too! We have a similar sophisticated and organic style, with very approachable price tags.

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