Royal Pains fashion: Divya and Paige’s coats

royal_pains_style_divyaRoyal PAins coat

Divya’s camel wool jacket

See it at Burberry

Hat by DKNY

Though it’s true that when it comes to the Hamptons, the ladies of Revenge garner most of the attention, I’m realizing that Emily Thorne isn’t the only fashionista on Long Island.

Sure, Victoria Grayson’s bandage dresses and Ashley Davenports dresses have us drooling every Sunday night, its the ladies of Royal Pains who are wearing Hamptons style that we can actually wear right now.

I mean, if we can afford a summer home in the Hamptons, what’s a $1900 Burberry cape.

Am I right?

This week’s Royal Pains wedding special highlighted wintertime Hamptons fashion, including luxurious wool coats and darling winter hats.

Eat your heart out, Victoria Grayson.

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royal_pains_styleRoyal Pains fashion

Divya’s white pea coat

See it at: J Crew

Hat by Juicy Couture

royal_pains_fashionRoyal Pains Paige Coat

Paige’s camel, belted coat


See it at Burberry

4 thoughts on “Royal Pains fashion: Divya and Paige’s coats

  1. Liz @ Foodies&Booties

    LOVING the look of both Burberry coats! I’ve always been a fan of Diyva’s style, but Pagie’s is starting to impress!

  2. Europa

    Thank you so much, Dana! I got the hats mixed up but I was right about the camel (“fudge,” according to Burberry, lol) coat. It is the exact same one worn by Kate Beckett (“Castle”) and Olivia Pope (“Scandal”). Burberry must have offered the TV branch of Hollywood a bulk discount because I’m pretty sure all three ladies are different sizes. (I don’t guess they’re all sharing the same coat?) LOL. I can’t wait to see where, and on whom, it pops up next. *And* maybe the next person will choose the black color. ;D

    Hey, you could do a, “Who wore it best?” 😀
    Thanks again.

  3. Norma Fay

    I love the look of these Wool Coats, but I prefer to shop at Burlington Coat Factory. I just bought a new wool winter coat there last month. I got a great deal, it has the style I was looking for, and it definitely didn’t cost my next paycheck. It really was the perfect solution.

  4. lyddiegal

    oh, there is one – you rock 🙂

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