How I Met Your Mother fashion: Robin red dress final page

How I Met Your Mother Style
How I Met Your Mother Fashion: Cobie Smulders wears a Sandro lace inset top (purchased at Bloomingdales) on How I Met Your Mother: The Final Page on December 17, 2012.

You know, with everything that happened last week in Connecticut, it’s a small comfort to see people taking a moment to do kind things for others. Whether it’s the #26acts people are committing to make, or just pausing – for a moment – to be more considerate, it’s comforting to know that people are still inherently kind.

I’m not sure if the writers at How I Met Your Mother are prophetic, or just lucky, but this week’s How I Met Your Mother was as much about being selfless as it was about (finally) seeing how Robin and Barney ended up together.

In their own way, each of the How I Met Your Mother characters did something selfless for one another. Barney burned his playbook and created an elaborate and unforgettable proposal for Robin. Patrice, played along to see her friend (whos not always so kind) end up with the guy she’s meant to marry . Marshall and Lily gave up their independence to kiss their sweet baby good night.

And Ted – on the biggest night of his life – helped the woman he loves to find her happy ending.

So, I ask you, in light of what happened last week – what selfless or special act were you inspired to do?

See what else Lily and Robin wore on How I Met Your Mother this season.

Special Thanks to costume designer Reiko Kurumuda for all her help this season IDing the clothes on How I Met Your Mother. Happy Holidays! 

HowIMetYourMOther_robinHow I Met Your Mother Style

Robin’s print red wrap dress

Helmut Lang

See it at Neiman Marcus (marked down 20%)

himymRobin's eyelet top

Robin’s scalloped eyelet blouse


See it (on sale!) at ShopBop


Robin’s How I Met Your Mother sequin tank gown

Monique Lhullier

One thought on “How I Met Your Mother fashion: Robin red dress final page

  1. Kate

    Any idea where Robin’s black fur jacket she is wearing over the red dress comes from?

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