How I Met Your Mother fashion: Over-Correction Robin Style

Robin sweater on How I Met Your MOtherHow I Met Your Mother fashion

 How I Met Your Mother Fashion

Robin’s cable knit cardigan

Veronica Beard

See it at: Saks Fifth Avenue

When I was younger and I liked a boy – and he, invariably, liked someone else – I’d overcompensate by becoming that girl’s best friend. I’d listen for hours as she waxed on about the boy I wrote Taylor Swift-like songs about later that night.

Like Barney – sometimes I’d feign interest in someone nice enough, as an effort to make the object of my affection realize I was so over him. And sometimes, like Barney, for a while I might even convince myself.

That’s sort of what’s happening right now with me and Robin’s shearling leather jacket from How I Met Your Mother. I’ve been eyeing the leather motorcycle jacket on Robin for several weeks, and while I can pretend to be happy for her, the truth is I know that jacket was just made for me.

I feel a song coming on.

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Robin's shearling leather jacket on How I met your MotherHow I Met Your Mother style

Robin’s shearling leather jacket


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Robin's Striped Sweater from How I Met Your MotherRobin's striped sweater

Robin’s striped sweater on How I Met Your Mother

Autumn Cashmere

See it at: Neiman Marcus (on sale!!!)

One thought on “How I Met Your Mother fashion: Over-Correction Robin Style

  1. Megan

    I’m in love with that shearling leather jacket! I’m so into the side zip on jackets and this one is just so gorgeous and so out of my price range (so sad). A girl can dream though.

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