Hart of Dixie Style: Zoe Hart style red bead trim jacket

 Zoe Hart Red JacketZoe Hart Red JAcket

Hart of Dixie Fashion

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) style bead trim red jacket

Wool Cardigan with metal cording

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Last night on Hart of Dixie, Zoe Hart finally put it all out there.

Both her heart and her legs.

With the re-appearance of Zoe’s overbearing mother, came the return of Zoe’s iconic shorts.

Also making a cameo was a nod to Zoe Hart style from season one. Her red boucle jacket reminded me of another red and black ensemble when Zoe was trying to find love with George Tucker here.

This time she just might get it right.

Judging from her price conscious blazer and steamy kiss with Wade, it looks like Zoe’s heart (and wallet) are both in a better place.

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One thought on “Hart of Dixie Style: Zoe Hart style red bead trim jacket

  1. Michelle

    Aaaah It’s a different blazer! I was wondering about that. I like how she was wearing a similiar (barring the leg-baring shorts) outfit on both of her and Wade’s epic episodes.

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